Picture of the Day: 30 April

Today’s picture of the day is Secret, I love 50’s style fashion, its so cute, and sweet. These girls can really work it. The skirts and hair and everything are adorable. The pastel style colours really work.

I think an image like this feels summery, and since its the start of summer ain’t nothing better than this kind of feel good pic!


Picture of the Day: 29 April

I know I know, so much B1A4 love, I don’t care, love them like theres no tomorrow!  ♡

Picture credited to; lala561.deviantart.com :>

Picture of the Day: 28 April

Ok, so today’s picture of the day is Big Bang’s lovely Strong Baby, VVIP and maknae Seungri! This guy is known for his confidence and you can really see it in this picture. Also, his jacket is pretty amazing if I do say so myself! :D

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Picture of the day: 27 April

Honestly I bring some crazy pics to the field.
Minho is from the ever lovely Shinee~

credit goes to hottimeskpop on tumblr and Lily, she showed me this and I fell in love all over again.
Her gringos are the lucifer.

Picture of the Day: 26 April

Today’s Picture of the Day is none other than Super Junior’s eternal makne Kim Ryeowook!! Isn’t he just the absolute CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen in your life!?! I can’t get enough of this picture!! Waaaaaah he’s so adorable~ Eternal thanks and love to the person that took this adorably wonderful picture! :D

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picture of the day: 25 april

here’s a lovely picture of sunny and taeyeon from so nyeo shi dae. i’m glad to see they can still have fun, even after that frightening experience.

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Picture of the Day: 24 April

So, I FINALLY got a chance to post another picture of the day!! You guys knew this was coming~! Today’s picture is none other than Super Junior’s Eunhyuk from Jiangsu TV Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban Recording in China!! Words can’t even describe how  looks sooo amazing and Sexy he looks in this picture OMG!!

Photo by 赫家小琰
photo found @ ieunhyukelf’s tumblr

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