SUPER JUNIOR KRY’S “FLY” MV IS OUT (thoughts on MV included)

A Few minutes ago, Super Junior KRY’s music video was released on both M-net and Daum’s official websites!! As Saranghae pink’s resident ELF, I felt the need to share this video with all of you guys as soon as I found it!!!

I know this isn’t an official music video and it was just meant to be the theme song for Superstar K 3 but nevertheless, I really liked it. Seeing Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook smiling and laughing with all the fans in the video was so sweet!!! I just couldn’t stop smiling~~! The amazing thing is that (as we all know) Kyuhyun wasn’t feeling well the day the MV was shot because he had been in a car accident only a few days before, but he looked amazing! Kyuhyun really is a strong person!!OK, I adore this song so much that it’s already in my top 10 most played songs in my ipod! KRY’s voices are absolutely stunning and the fact that this is an upbeat song makes it even better!!



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