Video of the Week: 24 April

OK! So the video of the week goes to f(x)’s “피노키오(Danger)” At first I loved this song, then it started to annoy me a little tiny bit and since I watched the music video I’m back to loving it once again! This is pretty much how I feel about every lead single we’ve gotten from f(x) since “La Cha Ta” though… I thought the video was pretty great, obviously. Nothing like a high-budget YG Entertainment MV but these girls held their own. :D Victoria’s dancing is soooo fierce like no other and Amber looks absolutely AMAZING with blonde hair! I loved the outfits in this video especially Sulli’s dinosaur hat, haha! I also felt like all of the members had their chance to shine vocally in this song and I was really glad to hear more of Victoria!


video of the week: 17 april

shinee shinee shinee shinee shinee shinee shinee~

heoni: o n e w~ eat chicken with me!
emma: m i n h o~ send me a love letter!
lily: y e s~

video of the week: 10 april

this week’s video of the week is 4minute and their newest single “mirror mirror.” the only reason why it’s being featured this week is because it sounds like hyuna says “4 minute slut.” (thanks for pointing that out monty0hm!)

got a video you want us to feature? e-mail us! links are in the sidebar. :)

video of the week: 3 april

i don’t think there’s anything else to say except oh my god yes??? they are all gorgeous?? get into my bed??
ok seriously, enjoy! :)

video of the week: 27 march

secret’s “madonna” has been chosen for our video of the week!

heoni: how do they move their hips so fast?
emma: it sounds like they’re saying “madonga.”
lily: yes