Picture of the Day: 28 April

Ok, so today’s picture of the day is Big Bang’s lovely Strong Baby, VVIP and maknae Seungri! This guy is known for his confidence and you can really see it in this picture. Also, his jacket is pretty amazing if I do say so myself! :D

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Picture of the Day: 26 April

Today’s Picture of the Day is none other than Super Junior’s eternal makne Kim Ryeowook!! Isn’t he just the absolute CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen in your life!?! I can’t get enough of this picture!! Waaaaaah he’s so adorable~ Eternal thanks and love to the person that took this adorably wonderful picture! :D

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Video of the Week: 24 April

OK! So the video of the week goes to f(x)’s “피노키오(Danger)” At first I loved this song, then it started to annoy me a little tiny bit and since I watched the music video I’m back to loving it once again! This is pretty much how I feel about every lead single we’ve gotten from f(x) since “La Cha Ta” though… I thought the video was pretty great, obviously. Nothing like a high-budget YG Entertainment MV but these girls held their own. :D Victoria’s dancing is soooo fierce like no other and Amber looks absolutely AMAZING with blonde hair! I loved the outfits in this video especially Sulli’s dinosaur hat, haha! I also felt like all of the members had their chance to shine vocally in this song and I was really glad to hear more of Victoria!

Picture of the Day: 24 April

So, I FINALLY got a chance to post another picture of the day!! You guys knew this was coming~! Today’s picture is none other than Super Junior’s Eunhyuk from Jiangsu TV Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban Recording in China!! Words can’t even describe how  looks sooo amazing and Sexy he looks in this picture OMG!!

Photo by 赫家小琰
photo found @ ieunhyukelf’s tumblr

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SUPER JUNIOR KRY’S “FLY” MV IS OUT (thoughts on MV included)

A Few minutes ago, Super Junior KRY’s music video was released on both M-net and Daum’s official websites!! As Saranghae pink’s resident ELF, I felt the need to share this video with all of you guys as soon as I found it!!!

I know this isn’t an official music video and it was just meant to be the theme song for Superstar K 3 but nevertheless, I really liked it. Seeing Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook smiling and laughing with all the fans in the video was so sweet!!! I just couldn’t stop smiling~~! The amazing thing is that (as we all know) Kyuhyun wasn’t feeling well the day the MV was shot because he had been in a car accident only a few days before, but he looked amazing! Kyuhyun really is a strong person!!OK, I adore this song so much that it’s already in my top 10 most played songs in my ipod! KRY’s voices are absolutely stunning and the fact that this is an upbeat song makes it even better!!


My Thoughts on Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” Song+MV

Ok, so earlier today 2NE1’s Park Bom released her music video and single “Don’t Cry” today!! This song and video were probably one of the few releases so far this year where I expected it to be good and got even better! In fact the only other releases that have impressed me this much since the year started were by HoMin, JYJ and Seungri!! We’ve come to expect extremely high budget music videos from YG Entertainment (especially in 2NE1’s case) and “Don’t Cry” is not an exception! It’s absolutely gorgeous from the set to Bom’s clothing hair ans makeup everything was flawless! Also, is it just me or does the rookie actor featured in the MV, Kim Young Kwang was it? look quite a bit like Lee Seung Gi!? This music video almost didn’t seem like a K-pop video to me but that’s one of the things that REALLY made it so STUNNING! Now onto the single! To me the song is a very ‘Park Bom’ type song and I can hear several similarities to “You & I” but it’s her style and I absolutely ADORE it, to me everything flows so nicely when Bom is singing especially in this song! Park Bom’s voice is totally one of if not my absolute favorite voices in K-pop oYG r even in general. Apparently from here on out 2NE1 is going to be releasing a new track each week for a while and promoting ALL of them!! I don’t know about you guys but I’m VERY excited about all of this! 2NE1 is my FAVORITE girl group~! :D

I Go By The Name HEENIM of 2NE1…

Hey! Becca here! I was surfing around and I came up on this video of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, San-E and Jewelry’s Yewon singing 2NE1’s debut song “Fire” for Heechul’s radio program ‘Young Street’. As an avid fan of both Kim Heechul and 2NE1 I absolutely couldn’t resist putting this video on Saranghae pink because I haven’t had either in my life quite enough as I would like lately. This video had me in stiches the whole time! I just couldn’t get over Heechul’s dancing and his outfit, I absolutely had to share this with the few blog readers that we do have because this is just too funny!!! Heenim is my second favorite SuJu member for a reason, he’s amazing! I also didn’t think he did that horribly on the rapping, but really his dancing was what made this HILARIOUS!!! Also, Yewon sung Bom’s parts of Fire surprisingly well, I was very impressed. San-E also added his own level of hilarity with his adorable Engrish and dance moves~