orange caramel releases new pv

and they’ve come back with a brand new style… one that is very different from before.
as far as i’m concerned, orange caramel has been a group known for being absolutely adorable. their song themes are very light hearted and cutesy and their costumes just add to that cute factor. but their brand new style is… frizzy hair? and tight fitting, white pants. their atmosphere isn’t a quiet cafe anymore but rather a club and one of the members is the dj for the night.
i can’t get over that frizzy hair, though. that isn’t flattering.
oh and it’s not fashionable to wear your bra on the outside of your clothes. get with it, ladies…
the song is addicting, though. what do you guys think?


ok “dream high,” you win

i honestly didn’t think i was going to like this series. i don’t know why… but i’ve only watched six episodes now and i’m absolutely hooked. now i just need to find a way to get my college’s internet working better than this slow crap.
the show started so slowly and felt like it wasn’t going anywhere for the longest time. i couldn’t help but think “ok seriously when… are we going to get to the awesome parts like where she lays the smack down on yoon baek hee and when does she make out with one of those boys… this is getting so annoying.”
but then i realized it wasn’t about all of that.
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picture of the day: 31 march

since i’m in such a ridiculously obsessive u-kiss mood over the past few days, today’s picture of the day is none other than kevin woo from u-kiss! i love the look they have going for ‘bran new kiss’, doesn’t it suit them so much! kyaaaa, kevinnnnn
my posts are nowhere near as substantial as heonis ;__; SORRY
just um enjoy the picture i guess!!

image was found on tumblr blog m-smind!

my start with k-pop

for the longest time, i was into j-pop. if you asked me who my favorite artists were, i’d tell you utada hikaru, ayumi hamasaki, and perfume. it wasn’t a lie, either; j-pop dominated my life. i drove places listening to j-pop, i slept to j-pop, i even had dance parties to all of my favorite j-pop songs. but one day, two years ago, changed my view of music perhaps for the better but it was definitely a change.
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next season, “we got married”

the lovely couple has been decided for the next airing of “we got married.” as we all know, the conclusion to yongseo’s relationship is quickly coming but i’m actually quite thankful that the next season is in the works!
the first person to be chosen for “we got married” is ham eunjung. you will know her best from core contents media’s all-girl group t-ara and — if you’re much into dramas — “dream high” (which i still need to finish watching ugh).
her husband, however, has also been decided. and he’s pretty handsome if you ask me! you’ll know him best from the boy group 24/7 and some k-dramas like “smile, dong-hae.” if you don’t know who it is yet, keep reading!

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picture of the day: 30 march

i used to be a major fan of f(x), but as time passed and i came to be closer friends with lily and emma, i decided that not all korean girl groups were my favorite. i’m now stuck with being in love with all of the boy groups like shinee and now bran new u-kiss and f(x) only gets a listen from time to time.
when i did like f(x) a lot though, sulli was my favorite. i don’t know why but i just really liked her compared to the rest of the group. she’s very cute and very girly looking. the top hat she’s wearing in this picture is absolutely adorable, too! and a happy belated birthday to her!
thanks so much to monty0hm for sharing this picture! it can be found at tumblr blog kateyoo.
got a picture you want to see?… we’re getting an e-mail soon i think so for now just comment here with your picture lol.