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picture of the day: 25 april

here’s a lovely picture of sunny and taeyeon from so nyeo shi dae. i’m glad to see they can still have fun, even after that frightening experience.

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picture of the day: 23 april

b1a4 debuts on music core

b1a4 finally made their debut tonight on music core! well so did apink but they get another post.

their performance was actually very well done. i’m so glad to have been able to watch a live stream of music core this week because i was able to get ahead of lily in watching performances.

what do you think of their debut?

picture of the day: 21 april

today i’d like to feature one of the many edits that i find on tumblr. this lovely picture of taemin was edited by tumblr heymyjojo. i absolutely love the purple and blue against his blonde hair. tumblr editors are so amazing too! maybe i’ll feature one of my edits this week…? meh.

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g-dragon’s confession

if you did not see this news article coming, then i just don’t know what to say or do to help you. any g-dragon/top/big bang fan/vip should have seen this.

in a recent broadcast of sbs fm’s ’park so hyun’s love game,‘ g-dragon admitted that if top were a woman, he’d tap that. without hesitation. in front of every body.

the question was posed after dj park so hyun asked about who was the “homme fatale” and everyone pointed at top.

the radio broadcast consisted of other fun things like a ‘secret garden’ parody and a ramen-eating contest but of course we don’t care about that. all we care about is wow it took long enough for him to say something about dating top.

g-dragon can’t have him though. top is mine.