My Thoughts on Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” Song+MV

Ok, so earlier today 2NE1’s Park Bom released her music video and single “Don’t Cry” today!! This song and video were probably one of the few releases so far this year where I expected it to be good and got even better! In fact the only other releases that have impressed me this much since the year started were by HoMin, JYJ and Seungri!! We’ve come to expect extremely high budget music videos from YG Entertainment (especially in 2NE1’s case) and “Don’t Cry” is not an exception! It’s absolutely gorgeous from the set to Bom’s clothing hair ans makeup everything was flawless! Also, is it just me or does the rookie actor featured in the MV, Kim Young Kwang was it? look quite a bit like Lee Seung Gi!? This music video almost didn’t seem like a K-pop video to me but that’s one of the things that REALLY made it so STUNNING! Now onto the single! To me the song is a very ‘Park Bom’ type song and I can hear several similarities to “You & I” but it’s her style and I absolutely ADORE it, to me everything flows so nicely when Bom is singing especially in this song! Park Bom’s voice is totally one of if not my absolute favorite voices in K-pop oYG r even in general. Apparently from here on out 2NE1 is going to be releasing a new track each week for a while and promoting ALL of them!! I don’t know about you guys but I’m VERY excited about all of this! 2NE1 is my FAVORITE girl group~! :D


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” Song+MV

  1. Haha if u watch his drama White Christmas, u wont say that he looks like Lee SeungGi :D Okay maybe a littleeeeee bit ^^! I just dont see the similarity :P
    Anyway, i love this MV too ! <33

    I just stopped by & left some words .. Sr for my rudeness ^^!

    • Nah, you weren’t being rude! xP This is a blog and blogs are places for peoples’ opinions! I’m happy that you actually left a comment! I thought he looked especially like Seung Gi at 2:38 but yeah maybe it is just me. You’re right though, I haven’t seen White Christmas, haha. Feel free to lstop by and leave comments any time you want!! They make me sooo happy. xD

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