korean of the month: april

so nyeo shi dae’s jessica jung has been chosen as saranghae pink’s first korean of the month! we know she will never see this and being chosen as our korean of the month will never mean anything to her but that’s ok; it means something to us and that’s really all that matters.
after long discussion, the three of us at saranghae pink chose jessica as our first korean of the month for numerous and important reasons:
> she is exceptionally pretty, like, just look at her. her skin is amazing and her hair is like oh my god can i just steal your shampoo and your hairdresser?
> she speaks fluent english and korean. this may not seem like something too amazing but jessica and tiffany really enjoy going crazy with the english from time to time.
> she’s cute cute cute cute cute cute cute adorable cute can i pinch your cheeks oh my god leap into my arms my darling.
> her birthday is april 18th! and i’m older than her! yes!
see? all important reasons right there.
congratulations to jessica for being our first korean of the month! i wonder who it will be next month…?