Picture of the Day: 30 April

Today’s picture of the day is Secret, I love 50’s style fashion, its so cute, and sweet. These girls can really work it. The skirts and hair and everything are adorable. The pastel style colours really work.

I think an image like this feels summery, and since its the start of summer ain’t nothing better than this kind of feel good pic!


video of the week: 27 march

secret’s “madonna” has been chosen for our video of the week!

heoni: how do they move their hips so fast?
emma: it sounds like they’re saying “madonga.”
lily: yes

youtube mashups

whilst sitting around with nothing to do this morning, i came across an interesting link posted on twitter by dongho from u-kiss. since i had nothing better to do, i clicked it.
oh wow.
goodbye sunday, i know how i’m going to be spending you now :’D

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