B1A4 – OK

I saw this song on Saranghae pink earlier and I have been kind of dead lately, so I decided to do a review of the most adorable kpop song i’ve heard lately!  B1A4 you are so adorable!

I think Lily linked me to the trailer of this video and I didn’t pay it much heed, but now that i’ve seen the whole video I can’t help but be wowed. I honestly wasn’t expecting something so sweet, and peppy but still showcases how well these boys can sing! Everything just seems to mesh together and it really works. The style of the video, the melody, the dancing, the everything is just wound up wowing me and hopefully you!!!

Costuming; 2 points;

Ok, so the guys wear a few outfits (if i’m not mistaken). The first outfit we see is this sort of cute, casual wear. Jeans, shirts, sweats! I think casual, yet still looking pretty snazzy is the right way to explain this. I absolutely love, these outfits on the guys, whoever their stylist is, A+ for them because man are they doing it right. From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes, everything the boys wear suits them. Sandeul gets special props, and CNU too, I just think their outfits look the best on them. Cnu is not getting extra attention for any reason, no, not at all. I love Sandeuls hat, its just cool, and his gloves, all the guys accessorized pretty well. Good job!

The other outfits are sort of casual too, well the all are bar the shiny blue ones whoops. Still they carry it off well so hush, lets not judge on that.

Effects; 2 points;

Ok the effects were pretty cute in this, they weren’t that OTT but it was more that they suited the video really well.
I loved the way Ok would appear on screen, like writing, and it just looked cute. The video being sort of saturated in light seemed to just work to its advantage too.
Why am I feeling biased to these boys, its not my fault, don’t look into their eyes.

Continuity; 2 points;

The story flows pretty well, the guys just all want the cute girl to notice them. It jumps to the other scenes pretty well imo, actually pretty perfectly to be honest. I mean they can jump, and it cuts to another scene of them mid jump and I like it, it works well.

Choreography; 2 points;

I really love the choreography. I know it seems like I am super biased, but I honestly love it. Especially when the boys sing ‘I love youuuuuu~’ and they do that really cute arm wave in sync. I think its being so in sync that works well with them, apart from that arm wave, my single favourite  piece of dancing is at; 0.51 its just, cnu nearly falls over and its adorable, well they all fall over but my eyes go to cnu.

Relativity; 2 points;

They look so cute with their intruments.

I love the piece at the end of this video that introduces the boys, that is very relevant in a debut single!

+1 point because they are all so cute.

Overall score; 11 little cnu’s out of 10.


trax, “oh! my goddess”

other than the fact that when i first heard this song i thought it was a ripoff or something of popular japanese anime “aa! megami-sama,” this is one of my favorite singles by trax. if you haven’t seen the video, you know what to do. review begins below.

i have known about this music video for a while now and… yeah, i just can’t get enough of it. i absolutely love the color scheme that they used in the music video, the fact that they brought in a member of so nyeo shi dae to emphasize the theme of the song, and the theme itself makes me feel all ~bubbly~! if you can watch this video and read the lyrics without even feeling a tad bit lovely, we need to talk broski.
there are a couple of things i don’t really like, and one of them is the fact that a majority of the time everything is a very bright white. when i first watched it i kind of got a headache due to all the white walls, white costumes, white guitars… it’s gorgeous in some scenes but white on white on white on white just gets boring and tiring after a while. the second thing i didn’t like was the crazy panning that they do in three different scenes, one with the singer, one with the guitarist, and one with both of them. it doesn’t really add or take away from the music video as a whole per se but it’s just kinda there. i think they could’ve done something different that is also more effective. don’t ask me what because i don’t honestly know but yeah.
ok, it’s time for scores~

costuming: 2 points
i honestly thought that their costumes were really cute. the outfits weren’t overwhelming but they also weren’t entirely boring. the band members also looked really good in them so that just even more of a plus.

effects: 1 points
like i said earlier, those three camera panning points really weren’t necessary and there was a lot of light usage which… made it hard to see anything especially since it was all white.

continuity: 2 points
the continuity was great. it flowed from one scene to the next very well and matched the music.

choreography: 1 point
there wasn’t a lot of choreography but for the amount they had it was pretty good.

relativity: 2 points
he’s singing about a girl being his goddess, he has a goddess-like girl in the music video… yeah i’m pretty sure it’s relevant!

overall score: 8 sunnys

ok time to go run around and squeal like a little girl in love while this song is on infinite repeat.

ham, “lower your sight”

time for some more of heoni’s these-bands-don’t-get-enough-recognition corner. today i’ll be reviewing ham’s “눈높이를 낮추고 (lower your sight).” mind you that ham does not mean pigs. ham means heart and mind. gosh. if you haven’t watched the music video yet, do so before continuing on.

ok now that you’re done, let’s start.
first off, i really like ham. they really don’t get enough recognition.
now that that’s been said, i also really liked this music video. the girls aren’t entirely skanky looking and they don’t do any outlandish dances which for me is a nice break. the use of effects worked really well in this music video, too. there was nothing extreme, nothing majorly blinding or obnoxious. the dancers in the background added somewhat of a nice touch; made it not entirely boring to sit through.
i about screamed when that women dropped the ring into the glass sitting in front of her. i know it was just water and a ring can suffer through a little bit of water submersion but to do it right in front of him, it made me so sad.
only complaint i could seriously have about this video/song combination is that… it’s not entirely smart to repeat your band name over and over again. i’m not sure if “heart and mind” is supposed to mean something exactly but saying “h a m” is kind of random. that and it’s like destiny’s child telling you “hey guys, we’re destiny’s child and this is our song.” please tell me you’ve heard that… or at least that stupid “darkchild” crap at the beginning or end of songs. ugh.
scoring time.

costuming: 1 point
their costumes were alright. i was kind of worried that the skirts were too short but when they didn’t move through the entire video, i felt better about it. the rock-er costumes were a nice change, too, and it flowed well with the change in music from a preppy sound to a more rock-y sound. i know that just made zero sense but i get it. bottom line is that i thought they were kind of boring but worked well for what they were doing.

effects: 1 points
there weren’t a lot of effects present in this video other than the occasional flare and change of scene. it was nice to have a more calm, easy-to-watch music video compared to the last one i reviewed but i think they could’ve done a little more.

continuity: 2 points
the continuity was almost perfect, in my opinion. when they were changing scenes during the girls’ dance it streamed from one to the other without any jarring changes to arm movements or placements.

choreography: 1 point
there really wasn’t a lot of choreography and they did the same thing for both verses and the choruses. what choreography they did do was great, in-time, and was nice to watch. but there honestly wasn’t a lot unless you consider fist pumping “choreography.”

relativity: 2 points
i watched the video before reading a translation of the lyrics (forgive me i don’t know korean how could i live this way i know) and i do have to say that the lyrics work well with the music video they’re presenting.

overall scoring: 7 kahi parks

yes lily made me some new heads. um…
this video was great for the kind of sound, popularity, and theme they have going for them both as a group and just for this one song. however, i think they can still push the envelope just a bit more and find that nirvana that their competition has found before them.
cough cough shinee cough cough.
this review has been found fair and just.

teentop, “supa luv”

heoni: hi im onew
heoni: this is onew
heoni: and this is onew
heoni: and we are
heoni: saranghae asian chikin soupp generation
lily: she want my poop love
emma: Onews
lily: oh oh oh oh
heoni: chicken smoothie
emma: …I thought you didn’t like scat
lily: i don’t
lily: she does
lily: whoever she is
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neon bunny, “seoulight”

one thing a lot of my friends don’t know about me is that i like to download the most obscure k-pop groups (does anyone even know who 2nise is?) and listen to them like they’re totally hip right now. neon bunny (야광토끼) — from what i’ve come to understand — is a new k-pop artist on the scene. she doesn’t have a pv for any of her songs yet and “seoulight” is her first full album release.
i’ve been sitting here listening to it and i think it’s worth talking about.
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shinee, “lucifer”

heoni: ben
that dude: what
heoni: watch it with us
heoni: it does
heoni: lmfao
emma: Jonghyn
that dude: i already watched it
heoni: NO
heoni: WITH US
that dude: i took me a long time to figure out the 3rd car
heoni: at the same time
heoni: bro
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so nyeo shi dae feat. yoo young jin, “beautiful girls”


what am I watching

costuming: 0 points
at least hyoyeon doesn’t have an awful haircut
but this gets no points because the girls are not singing therefore i am judging yoo young jin’s outfit. and since i do not know what his outfit is i am unable to give it any marks. so. STICKS TONGUE OUT!

effects: 0 points
wow, nice… panning… and uh… letterboxing… no.

continuity: 1 point
it, uh, flows, i guess… with cheesy fade effects, admittedly, but still…

choreography: 0 points
what choreography

relativity: 2 points
… full marks here, i guess. it is… girls’ generation. in a song about girls’ generation. y e p.


overall score: 3 TAEMINNIES OUT OF 10