Picture of the day: 27 April

Honestly I bring some crazy pics to the field.
Minho is from the ever lovely Shinee~

credit goes to hottimeskpop on tumblr and Lily, she showed me this and I fell in love all over again.
Her gringos are the lucifer.


picture of the day: 21 april

today i’d like to feature one of the many edits that i find on tumblr. this lovely picture of taemin was edited by tumblr heymyjojo. i absolutely love the purple and blue against his blonde hair. tumblr editors are so amazing too! maybe i’ll feature one of my edits this week…? meh.

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video of the week: 17 april

shinee shinee shinee shinee shinee shinee shinee~

heoni: o n e w~ eat chicken with me!
emma: m i n h o~ send me a love letter!
lily: y e s~

tumblr edited pictures

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on tumblr, a lot of blogs like to take pictures from concerts and promotional videos/articles and edit them to make the image look better or perhaps more aesthetically pleasing. i’ve just recently started making my own so i wanted to … Continue reading

picture of the day: 14 april

here is a gorgeous picture my friend linzi-chan took of junghyun’s face in shinee’s mv “lucifer.” she was watching at work when she had to pause it and… this was the face that she paused on.

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april birthdays

let’s take a minute and wish all of our favorite artists a happy birthday! i’d sit here and make a separate post for each birthday but i’m too lazy so they will all just get a special post dedicated to them and turning a year older!

April 3rd – Jung min; SS501
April 4th – Eunhyuk; Super Junior
April 6th – Chanmi; Co-Ed School
April 8th – Kim Jay; TRAX
April 8th – Jonghyun; SHINee
April 9th – Uee; After School
April 18th – Jessica; Girls Generation
April 19th – Zhou Mi; Super Junior M
April 21st – Kibum; Super Junior
April 22nd – Hyo Young; Co-Ed School
April 22nd – Hwa Young; T-ara
April 25th – Jaebeom/Jay Park; Former leader/member of 2PM
April 26th – Daesung; BIGBANG
April 27th – Fei; Miss A
April 28th – Sunggyu; Infinite
April 30th – Wooyoung; 2PM

New member Becca here!

My ultamate bias; Super Junior's Lee Hyukjae aka Eunhyuk

Hi Everyone, Saranhae Sapphire Pink’s newest blogger/member Becca here~

Firstly, I was super-excited when Heoni asked me to become a member of this blog because I absolutelylove K-pop and I’m also really glad to be a part of a blog with other members because I feel like it will motivate me to write more as opposed to running a blog by myself, haha.

I’m a college freshman and Political Science Major and I’m not really completely sure how I feel about it at the moment.I can’t wait to finish college and go out and see the world~! My non k-pop related hobbies include watching crappy reality TV, reading manga comics, playing pokemon, taking long walks and pretty much procrastinating on school work in every way I possibly can. (yeah, I’m a total dork)
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