picture of the day: 25 april

here’s a lovely picture of sunny and taeyeon from so nyeo shi dae. i’m glad to see they can still have fun, even after that frightening experience.

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picture of the day: 23 april

so nyeo shi dae “mr taxi” leak

so nyeo shi dae’s “mr taxi” audio leaked earlier this evening. the single was to be released on 27 april which is still a couple of weeks away. it’s not good that the audio has leaked but this is actually quite the opportunity to persuade listeners of snsd to buy the album when it finally releases.
i absolutely love this track. i don’t have all of the money in the world to buy 10 different versions to get all of the cards inside but i’m definitely going to be downloading it when it’s released on itunes. (i’m so glad itunes america has k-pop on it now!)
tell us what you think! and please support the artists, buy the album!

tumblr edited pictures

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on tumblr, a lot of blogs like to take pictures from concerts and promotional videos/articles and edit them to make the image look better or perhaps more aesthetically pleasing. i’ve just recently started making my own so i wanted to … Continue reading

happy birthday, soy!

today marks the 20th birthday of soshified founder, soy!! if you don’t have a clue as to who she is, you better start following her twitter account and signing up for that website! you are not a true snsd fan without knowing this amazing woman.
i have to admit, i’m quite shocked that she’s younger than me. here i am, 22, and running a dorky/crack-filled wordpress blog with three other dorky/cracked up women and in all honesty this blog is just for fun and laughs and the adventure we all experience together. soy, on the other hand, is responsible for bringing together so many so nyeo shi dae fans from all across the globe to one website. soshified has tons and tons of pictures from snsd concerts, promotions, commercials, and magazine articles, it’s constantly updated with news, and soy is just an all-around amazing person in general. i have to give her so many kudos for pulling this together so freaking well.
you have the best 20th birthday we’ve ever seen and thank you so much for bringing us together all for the sake of k-pop! i don’t know where we’d go for so much information, photos, and god knows what else if it weren’t for you.
love you!

april birthdays

let’s take a minute and wish all of our favorite artists a happy birthday! i’d sit here and make a separate post for each birthday but i’m too lazy so they will all just get a special post dedicated to them and turning a year older!

April 3rd – Jung min; SS501
April 4th – Eunhyuk; Super Junior
April 6th – Chanmi; Co-Ed School
April 8th – Kim Jay; TRAX
April 8th – Jonghyun; SHINee
April 9th – Uee; After School
April 18th – Jessica; Girls Generation
April 19th – Zhou Mi; Super Junior M
April 21st – Kibum; Super Junior
April 22nd – Hyo Young; Co-Ed School
April 22nd – Hwa Young; T-ara
April 25th – Jaebeom/Jay Park; Former leader/member of 2PM
April 26th – Daesung; BIGBANG
April 27th – Fei; Miss A
April 28th – Sunggyu; Infinite
April 30th – Wooyoung; 2PM

so nyeo shi dae’s “run devil run”

so nyeo shi dae has released the music video for their japanese version of “run devil run.” i have to admit i actually like this music video so much more than the original music video. their costumes are so much more interesting and their hair looks good… including hyeonyeon’s! sunny’s hair has gotten darker and jessica looks like she’s taken on a completely different color than before. also sunny’s personality is so much better than her previous music videos. so excited!!
also i can see why they didn’t care much about “visual dreams;” they were working hard on improving for this music video, right? video below, enjoy!