Picture of the Day: 28 April

Ok, so today’s picture of the day is Big Bang’s lovely Strong Baby, VVIP and maknae Seungri! This guy is known for his confidence and you can really see it in this picture. Also, his jacket is pretty amazing if I do say so myself! :D

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picture of the day: 22 april

hee hee hi g-dragon.

found on kpopspazz’s tumblr!

g-dragon’s confession

if you did not see this news article coming, then i just don’t know what to say or do to help you. any g-dragon/top/big bang fan/vip should have seen this.

in a recent broadcast of sbs fm’s ’park so hyun’s love game,‘ g-dragon admitted that if top were a woman, he’d tap that. without hesitation. in front of every body.

the question was posed after dj park so hyun asked about who was the “homme fatale” and everyone pointed at top.

the radio broadcast consisted of other fun things like a ‘secret garden’ parody and a ramen-eating contest but of course we don’t care about that. all we care about is wow it took long enough for him to say something about dating top.

g-dragon can’t have him though. top is mine.

music core: 16 april 2011

woohoo! i’m on a roll with these music shows. now i just need to get on board with inkigayo.
this week’s music core is full of exciting performances by a lot of my favorite artists and some i’m… well, not entirely familiar with but are still pretty awesome. check out the videos behind the jump!
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big bang rules youtube

big bang’s excellent music video for “love song” was released only two days ago, but today it has broken records all over the globe on youtube. their video has broken over 2 million views in just a matter of two days and has received multiple honors on youtube. to achieve any of these, the video has to be an international success which means that big bang has now become an international group and is no longer just an asian or korean group! great job, big bang. they really deserved it with this one.

Thursday April 14 2011’s M! Countdown Performance Commentary Part 1

Ever since I’ve started writing for Saranghae Pink, I’ve always wanted to do commentaries for music shows for several reasons 1) I watch the four main music programs (M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo) every week. 2) I feel like Music Programs are one of the best ways to learn about artists’ skill and talents by seeing them perform live, I don’t think we really get to see everything an artist has to offer by just listening to studio albums and watching music videos. 3) It’s just a lot of fun to look at the dances and costumes and all of the creativity (or lack thereof) involved with live performances. I’m proud to be writing Saranghae Pink’s first music show review post and I can’t wait to review even more shows after this!! The music program is pretty long and I tend to write a lot, therefore this post will be split into two (possibly three) separate parts. Here’s part one: (performances not in order by the way)

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heoni’s black day playlist

so today, 14 april, marks black day! since i’m not single, i don’t have to celebrate this day but i know that there are some of you lucky netizens that are single today. are you going to be celebrating like dal shabet’s ah young and eat a bowl of jajangmyun (black bean noodles)? if you’re not, then perhaps you’d like to chill at home with a nice cup of tear today and listen to my i’m-not-single-but-here’s-a-black-day-playlist-anyway playlist. starting with the obvious…
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