Picture of the Day: 29 April

I know I know, so much B1A4 love, I don’t care, love them like theres no tomorrow!  ♡

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B1A4 – OK

I saw this song on Saranghae pink earlier and I have been kind of dead lately, so I decided to do a review of the most adorable kpop song i’ve heard lately!  B1A4 you are so adorable!

I think Lily linked me to the trailer of this video and I didn’t pay it much heed, but now that i’ve seen the whole video I can’t help but be wowed. I honestly wasn’t expecting something so sweet, and peppy but still showcases how well these boys can sing! Everything just seems to mesh together and it really works. The style of the video, the melody, the dancing, the everything is just wound up wowing me and hopefully you!!!

Costuming; 2 points;

Ok, so the guys wear a few outfits (if i’m not mistaken). The first outfit we see is this sort of cute, casual wear. Jeans, shirts, sweats! I think casual, yet still looking pretty snazzy is the right way to explain this. I absolutely love, these outfits on the guys, whoever their stylist is, A+ for them because man are they doing it right. From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes, everything the boys wear suits them. Sandeul gets special props, and CNU too, I just think their outfits look the best on them. Cnu is not getting extra attention for any reason, no, not at all. I love Sandeuls hat, its just cool, and his gloves, all the guys accessorized pretty well. Good job!

The other outfits are sort of casual too, well the all are bar the shiny blue ones whoops. Still they carry it off well so hush, lets not judge on that.

Effects; 2 points;

Ok the effects were pretty cute in this, they weren’t that OTT but it was more that they suited the video really well.
I loved the way Ok would appear on screen, like writing, and it just looked cute. The video being sort of saturated in light seemed to just work to its advantage too.
Why am I feeling biased to these boys, its not my fault, don’t look into their eyes.

Continuity; 2 points;

The story flows pretty well, the guys just all want the cute girl to notice them. It jumps to the other scenes pretty well imo, actually pretty perfectly to be honest. I mean they can jump, and it cuts to another scene of them mid jump and I like it, it works well.

Choreography; 2 points;

I really love the choreography. I know it seems like I am super biased, but I honestly love it. Especially when the boys sing ‘I love youuuuuu~’ and they do that really cute arm wave in sync. I think its being so in sync that works well with them, apart from that arm wave, my single favourite  piece of dancing is at; 0.51 its just, cnu nearly falls over and its adorable, well they all fall over but my eyes go to cnu.

Relativity; 2 points;

They look so cute with their intruments.

I love the piece at the end of this video that introduces the boys, that is very relevant in a debut single!

+1 point because they are all so cute.

Overall score; 11 little cnu’s out of 10.

B1A4 – OK mv is released!

after various leaks and whatever else happened, b1a4’s mv was released bang on time~
man, this is EXACTLY the kind of kpop I love, new favourite band get!!
idk why but baro’s rapping really reminds me of a cross between g-dragon and minho from shinee ;_____;

goddamn i know what i’m gonna be having on repeat for the next month or so
so fabulous

gongchan what the hell are you doing at 3.55

b1a4 gets all new twitters!

if you’re like me, you’ll want to follow your favorite korean idols on their twitter accounts! i was worried that perhaps they wouldn’t get any twitter accounts but ta da! here they are:

Jinyoung: @B1A4_JINYOUNG
Baro: @BARO920905
Gongchan: @B1A4_gongchan
Sandeul: @SANDEUL920320
CNu: @B1A4_CNU

If you’d like to follow their manager, their twitter is located at: @INROAD44

b1a4 teaser revealed!

upcoming new boyband B1A4’s teaser has been revealed!

their debut will be on the 21st of april, followed by their performance debut on the 23rd~

i can already tell i am going to like these guys too much

picture of the day: 16 april

this is sandeul.

insert more sjhdbfsdhbfskdfnlskdbflsiubfsiesjhbdfkjbsulfisbdljfs. why are they so beautiful?

now i have to choose between him and jinyoung. i don’t know if i can…


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