super junior, “rokkugo”

Hiiii! I’m Emmar, and I am here to review Rokkugo! because I love sort of derp, upbeat happy songs!

Rokkugo was linked to me one night on msn and once I heard it I found myself bopping along to it! It was just so fun and cute, and peppy sounding that I loved it, even their outfits make me smile! I love songs with a great beat to me orz and I downloaded it right away and just, yes. I thought all SJ songs were going to be like Sorry Sorry, but after listening to Rokkugo i’ve found myself giving them more of a chance!

costuming: 2 point
I’m sorry but the outfits being sort of gaudy is a plus for this video! Its a gameshow theme so more sequins! MORE! It just really works on stage with them. Their outdoor clothes suit them all as well, its like the worked hard to pick out exactly what would work and it shows here. I’m unimpressed with the greyish coats. They’re slightly redeemed with the cute little yellow microphones! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

effects: 1 point
Although the effects are cute, they are not the best. Little aegyo people are so cute, but if they had been drawn better, or even I don’t know, added in better, if might have made the video that bit better. Although I have the say the car made of wood is the best!

continuity: 1 point
The continuity flows perfectly. Seriously! Ok, its a little jumpy but it suits the flow of the video. So i’ll deduct a point just for that, because the did have a lot of different scenes thrown in there.

choreography: 2 points
I like it, its so jumpy and fun, and it just works for this video. Well when they do dance. Sungmins moves stood out a lot to me, he did a pretty decent ‘limbospin’ thing that I thought looked rather cool.

relativity: 2 points
Everything comes together in this to make the song that much more fun. I loved the way it started and wham you get Shindong’s voice being all deep and awesome! I like the way it just comes off super sweet and cute. The costumes and the choreography just cement it all.

The Sequin jackets if i’m honest make it for me, along with the OTT way they guys all act, they preen at the camera and to me, it is perfect.

overall score: 8 Mini Minho’s out of 10!


beast, “breath”

wheee, it’s my first post! my name is lilu and i like burgers and chicken and koreans and i am going to be reviewing beast/b2st – breath! also known as soom/sum, which… just means breath in korean w/e w/e

I LOOOOVE THIS SONG. it was the second beast song i ever heard and i still loooove it. aaah beast, i’m becoming such a huge beast fan recently and i feel like i am betraying my other bands ;___; shock and breath on repeat alllll day, y e p sounds good to me! i love this video though, the song itself is pretty… dark?… (that doesn’t feel like the right word to use but screw it) and the video matches up with that perfectly. i am awful at describing and explaining stuff though so i’m gonna move straight onto the scoring~

costuming: 1 point
okay first this is something i need to vent for myself
WELP, ignoring my personal biases, the stylists did a good job on them imo! nothing too crazy, plain but stylish, dark to match the video, it all fits nicely~ i’m only giving one point for this though because HYUNSEUNG MY BABY ;_____;

effects: 2 point
fire and mist and rain and snow and snazzy camera angles – all approval from me B)

continuity: 2 point
nothing to fault here – despite having two different ‘settings’, so to speak, they both blend in and out well and the video flows nicely. even things like RANDOM GIRLS PLAYING STRING INSTRUMENTS IN THE BACKGROUND WHAT didn’t interrupt with the video too much~ kudos to them!

choreography: 2 points
i liked it! the dance moves fit the song well, especially at the ‘breathe in breathe out’ moments. beast never really have the most intricate choography but it always works for them, and i much prefer the dancing in this video to other ones they’ve done~

relativity: 2 points
the whole video was gritty and fabulous, and the emphasis of the breathing in the choreography was perfect for the song. i’m… still not sure what i think of the random oxygen mask though WHAT IS WITH THAT

overall score: 9 Gs out of 10!

so nyeo shi dae, “visual dreams”

yay so this is the first post at saranghae pink!! i’m so glad i got to do it because i’m so awesome and i just deserved to be at top.
this post is about so nyeo shi dae’s “visual dreams” pv. if you haven’t seen it yet, the video has been embedded above. take the time now to watch it before reading on.

finished? ok, good.
first off, i’m dying to know. what. happened. i don’t want to say it was the whole fact that this was for intel because snsd did an excellent job with that cyon cooky pv. i also don’t want to say that it was their choreography because the choreography itself was really good and they’ve proven on numerous accounts that they can be great dancers and can stay on time with another. their rehearsal schedule — while i don’t actually know it — i’m sure can’t be that easy going, lastly.
so, really? what happened? their dancing was off, they kept forgetting the moves it looked like, sunny was absolutely boring, people were getting in the way of each other, jessica turned the wrong way… yeah i just don’t know.
have we been fooled by the special effects of their music videos? this is the most personal we have gotten it feels like with the dancing segments from so nyeo shi dae; have all of their previous pvs been so great because we are looking at it from different angles? are the special effects hiding what looks bad? their dance versions don’t look as bad as this pv, to be honest. so i don’t think it’s anything like that. (if they can make a dislocated leg look good without a bunch of flashing lights and special effects, then it’s obviously not them and it’s not the special effects.)
the only thing i can think it is is the budget. i’m probably far from right when i say that but i just can’t… help but think maybe intel sideswiped them into doing this at the last minute and they had barely any practice time and herp derp this was the best they could do. i just hope that they realize how… bad that makes them look. not as a group but a company whole. i thought smentertainment’s standards were higher than this.
ok i think i should just score this and be done with it.

costuming:1 point
their costumes actually aren’t that bad. the white and black outfits really relate back to the whole theme behind the song — computer technology, intel products, etc. they’re simple, make the girls look good, and seem easy to move around in. their make-up was very simple as it usually is. fresh faces ftw. the glittery dresses i didn’t like as much only because i think it was mainly used to just… make them look good. some of them weren’t very flattering on the girls either. hyeongeon’s hairdresser still hates her.

effects: 1 point
saying they went a little overboard might be an understatement but at the same time it still makes sense to the music video. the only reason this portion gets one point is because it really just… sometimes i have to ask myself what exactly is going on. why is there glitter falling from the sky? also did anyone notice that box that was just inconveniently in the way on the right? did someone forget to move that…

continuity: 1 point
there were points where you could actually tell where they were cutting for the next scene. one example is when sunny finishes her last solo and she stops moving. the next scene, she’s dancing with everyone else. some of them were singing at the wrong times. need i continue?

choreography: 2 points
i actually thought the choreography was very interesting. it matched the theme of the song perfectly and struck me as a very fun and interesting dance. i’m actually kind of tempted to learn it. they didn’t perform it so well in high heels but… that doesn’t mean that the choreography sucks per se.

relativity: 2 points
it was definitely relevant to the song. i think this was the only point they actually hit on the head.

overall score: 7 sunnys

not too bad. they’ve done better. i will just sit here and anxiously wait for them to release their next pv, hopefully after 30 hours or more of practice in the studio.