“lascivious dancing?” oh please

yeah ok whatever. this is getting so old, seriously bro.
so apparently 4minute was recently forced to change the choreography to their concert and music video performance because of hyuna’s booty dancing in front of the group and the spread eagle stuff on the floor.
after living in the country that i do with the type of music videos we have, a less than two second booty dance is not even enough to phase me. in fact, i didn’t make a single comment about the fact that oh geeze she is sticking her butt up in the air and waving it around like she just don’t care. what’s the big deal?
what makes this story even funnier is that the entirety of their dance is pretty “lascivious” but the only parts they changed were hyuna’s and the… floor straddle.
calm down people it’s just the entertainment business. video of their new choreography below:


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