music bank: 14 april 2011

so today was the first time i finally decided to sit down and see what music bank was all about. for all of those who don’t really know, it’s mainly just a performance show where the groups with upcoming singles, comebacks or debuts perform their most recent releases and… yeah i guess that’s all we really care about.
i’m going to try and keep up with the music bank stuff from now on because it really does seem interesting and it keeps me up to date with all of the new singers!~ alright, let’s get started.

first to debut was kim greem. when i first heard her single, “nobody but you,” i didn’t really like it. it’s not what i’m used to when i listen to k-pop. but one thing that i can compliment her on is her strong ability of singing. a majority of the performers were having issues hitting notes and staying on time but kim did quite well! i also appreciated the fact that she played a guitar through her song.

next to debut was block b. i didn’t have much to say for their single, “freeze!” they got a lot of promotions and whatnot before their debut but their performance wasn’t very strong. i think that they still have a lot of potential but at the same time i just feel like they’re trying to be the next big bang. nothing entirely special here, unless you’re here to watch hot boys dance around.

the first comeback of the night was seo in guk. i heard his single, “broken,” prior to this show and to be quite honest i love it. i’ve always loved the interesting ballads a lot so this one really stuck with me after i heard it. the choreography is kind of interesting, too, but please for the love of god… those costumes… burn them. he looks pretty hot, too.

also performing on their comeback stage was handsome people. they have seriously taught me a lesson: never judge a book by its cover. when i first saw their group name i couldn’t help but automatically think that they weren’t that good. it was kind of like how i saw the dalmatian cover and cringed, thinking that it wouldn’t be that good at all. but this group is actually really good and cute! nothing extremely special, but still cute.

next for the comeback stage was rania. i hadn’t heard of them until their most recent single, “dr. feel good,” and the only reason why i even cared was because one of my friends asked me why someone had to go and screw it up. one kanye shrug later, i’m sitting here listening to it and i’m trying to tell myself i don’t like it but ok i really do. they’ve been getting a lot of complaints due to their costumes and dancing but all in all they’re still pretty good.

the next group to debut was brave girls. i honestly don’t know anything about them and after hearing this single i’m… ok with not knowing anything about them. sorry but they weren’t that interesting.

up next was maya. same as above, i know nothing about her and i’m pretty much ok with it.

oh didn’t i mention dalmation earlier? well, here they are! i actually liked this song a lot. i didn’t think i would because that album cover ok sorry that album cover. now that i listened to it, i really like it! also, is someone trying to be like slash? because i’m pretty sure they are. and who is the hottie with the blue hair??

next for the comeback stage was ns yoon ji. i hadn’t heard of her before this show and i was actually really pleased with her sound and style. i’ll most likely listen to more of her things in the future. however, can someone explain to me why she’s wearing blue one moment then red the next?

then there was clover. i honestly don’t like clover’s style so i didn’t sit through this one.

and then it was ze:a! i actually really like this, especially this single, “here i am.” i really enjoyed watching their performance. they really sound great together!

ooohhhh yangpa. her music video for “it hurts” was absolutely breath taking… minus that freak car explosion but anyway this song really brought tears to my eyes. she’s such a wonderful singer and she really performed well.

next up was lee hyun, on his comeback stage. he performed with mighty mouth. again, i know neither of these performers and i wasn’t entirely amazed with this single.

oh oh oh and then it was girl’s day!! i absolutely love their newest single, “twinkle twinkle.” they’re so cute and the choreography is a lot of fun to do. their singing was quite off which kind of annoyed me but the dancing made up for it.

up next for their comeback was dal shabet with “pink rocket.” this song still hasn’t settled well with me. it’s cute but… there are just too many things i don’t like about it that i can’t find it in myself to like it completely. and the bubbly sounds get really annoying after 30 seconds in.

tony ahn. what in the hell am i watching.

lastly, but not least, up for their comeback stage was rainbow. i absolutely love their single, “to me…” it’s the first single i’ve heard by them since they debuted and i just… idk, love it~ their singing was a little off from time to time and the random ballet still strikes me as odd but they still performed very well!

next up was kim tae-woo. i don’t know anything about him or his music but uh… i wouldn’t mind giving him a try.

then it was bran new u-kiss!! two things you will learn from this video: pointing is amazing and france loves u-kiss.

i don’t know anything about k.will either other than he’s a pretty good singer. but i could tell that just from this video.

next was 4minute with 4minute slut “mirror mirror.” i actually kind of liked the performance. the purple disc things were really interesting and their dancing was pretty good, but their vocals could use a little work.

oh well hello cn blue! after watching yongseo’s “we got married,” i got kind of interested in cn blue’s music. their singing is actually really good and their performance was really enjoyable to watch.

by the way, there is apparently an awards portion that i totally didn’t realize happened? well cn blue won the k-chart for the week!


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