I Go By The Name HEENIM of 2NE1…

Hey! Becca here! I was surfing around and I came up on this video of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, San-E and Jewelry’s Yewon singing 2NE1’s debut song “Fire” for Heechul’s radio program ‘Young Street’. As an avid fan of both Kim Heechul and 2NE1 I absolutely couldn’t resist putting this video on Saranghae pink because I haven’t had either in my life quite enough as I would like lately. This video had me in stiches the whole time! I just couldn’t get over Heechul’s dancing and his outfit, I absolutely had to share this with the few blog readers that we do have because this is just too funny!!! Heenim is my second favorite SuJu member for a reason, he’s amazing! I also didn’t think he did that horribly on the rapping, but really his dancing was what made this HILARIOUS!!! Also, Yewon sung Bom’s parts of Fire surprisingly well, I was very impressed. San-E also added his own level of hilarity with his adorable Engrish and dance moves~



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