Thursday April 14 2011’s M! Countdown Performance Commentary Part 1

Ever since I’ve started writing for Saranghae Pink, I’ve always wanted to do commentaries for music shows for several reasons 1) I watch the four main music programs (M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo) every week. 2) I feel like Music Programs are one of the best ways to learn about artists’ skill and talents by seeing them perform live, I don’t think we really get to see everything an artist has to offer by just listening to studio albums and watching music videos. 3) It’s just a lot of fun to look at the dances and costumes and all of the creativity (or lack thereof) involved with live performances. I’m proud to be writing Saranghae Pink’s first music show review post and I can’t wait to review even more shows after this!! The music program is pretty long and I tend to write a lot, therefore this post will be split into two (possibly three) separate parts. Here’s part one: (performances not in order by the way)

M! Countdown opening:

Tonight M! Countdown had a special opening by none other than Big Bang’s amazingly adorable but at the same time super sexy makne SEUNGRI! This is evidence that this episode of M! Countdown was bound to be EPIC!

“Although You Said So” – Lee Hyun ft. Mighty Mouth

8eight’s Lee Hyun has enjoyed a lot of success with his solo song “You Were The Best Of My Life” and let’s face it his vocals are amazing! They sound just as great live as they do in the studio. Although I really like rapping in most cases, I feel like it was too much for this song. Lee Hyun’s voice is nice enough he really doesn’t need rappers ‘helping him out’ Nothing against Mighty Mouth though! Their album “Mighty Fresh” from earlier this year was great.  The costumes were pretty much what I would have expected though, a white suit for Lee Hyun and white suits with slightly more bling for Mighty Mouth. The only problem I have with this performance is that I fell like it would have been much better had it been just Lee Hyun performing.

“Do You Know” – Brave Girls

OK, now onto Brave Girls’ debut performance for “Do You Know.” I’ve talked about this before but although “Do You Know” isn’t really the typical song that you hear that’s come out of his production studio this song makes it totally obvious that he used to be a part of YG and used to work with YG’s top producer Teddy Park. “Do You Know” sounds almost exactly like something you would expect Teddy to come up with except that it wouldn’t be a title track or anything, I feel like “Do You Know” is more like an album track that you would find on a 2NE1 album, although I’m not going to deny that it’s a pretty good song and it’s started to grow on me a little bit and it’s a pretty nice R&B track… Now onto the dancing and costumes. I wasn’t a big fan of the actual nurse uniform the blonde member was wearing and just the costumes in general weren’t very appealing to me I think they just need to be a little bit more creative. As for the dancing, there has been a lot of controversies with dancing that’s been deemed ‘too sexy’ lately. I’ll admit that this performance was pretty sexy but I actually enjoyed their dancing and especially liked how they incorporated the bar thingy.

“Pink Rocket” – Dal Shabet

I actually really enjoyed this performance! For one thing, I really like “Pink Rocket” even more than “Super Dupa Diva” The bubbly sounds at the beginning-middle of the song were sort of annoying though and when I heard the “Ah, ah” sounds throughout the song I have to admit that I thought initially that it sounded a bit like a female version of Kim Hyung Jun’s “oH Ah!” (which was also composed by E-Tribe). The choreography wasn’t as memorable as “Supa Dupa Diva’s” and honestly it didn’t really stand out to me, that just means that their wasn’t bad but it wasn’t stellar either… Their costumes, however, are another story! I absolutely love them!! The warm colors fit so well with the spring season and I just can’t describe how much I love the colors, very creative!

“To Me” – Rainbow

Honestly, Rainbow is a total mystery to me! They have more than double the vocal talent of their labelmates KARA and not even a third of the popularity. Perhaps this is because they debuted later, perhaps this is because they have gone through several member changes and perhaps it’s because they’re known for having ‘trashy’ concepts. We may never know the answer to this… I really enjoyed listening to them sing “To Me” is a really great song! After all the composer Japan’s Daishi Dance was behind working on one of my favorite songs of all time Big Bang’s “Haru Haru.” As usual, Rainbow’s dancing was very good but I just couldn’t get over how bland the costumes were! Much better than some outfits/concepts Rainbow’s had in the past though (i.e. the shirt lifting up dance in “A”) so I don’t know if I should be complaining…

“Dr. Feel Good” – Rania

If you read my post on girl group debuts  so far this year, you’d know that I absolutely love this song! I also feel like the girls are really getting better at singing live! The thing I really don’t like is the the outfits, they remind me of some sort of bondage wear or something. Some people really like ‘sexy’ concepts, but I guess that they’re just not for me. Also I thought they were going to stop performing their spread-leg choreography on music programs… I guess not, haha.


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