the k-pop dictionary

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so you have stumbled across this blog for one of two reasons. one, you like kpop and you just so happened to see us in a google search or in one of our pingbacks somewhere down the line. or two, one of your friends suggested it and you, liking kpop, decided to go to it. no there are no other reasons why. come at me bro.
anyway, one thing you’ll have to eventually learn is the special vocabulary that we kpop-ians use when referring to bands. you’ve probably heard of the band’s “maknae” or snsd referring to an “oppa.” well, what does this all mean? i’m going to explain that to you!

안녕 – annyeong: formal form, it means “hello.” you use this to greet people face to face. over the phone conversations have another greeting. the polite form is “annyeong haseyo,” written 안년하세요.
바보 – babo: it means “silly.” you can hear it in snsd’s “gee.” babo is said angrily only to little child who were naughty or to friend that do stupid things. it’s not meant to be used as an insult.
바나나 – banana: i love bananas and so does taemin. brb sharing one with him.
사랑해 – saranghae: if you don’t know this word then uhhhh…. no words for you. it means “i love you.” it can also be used with other words to mean “i love _____.” our blog is called “i love pink” or “i love you, pink.” depends on what you want to say since it could really mean two different things.
오빠 – oppa: it means “big brother” and is said only by girls. used from younger girls to their older guy friends or from a girl to her boyfriend. you can hear it in snsd’s “oh!” or dream high.
형 – hyung: “big brother” but from a younger boy.
언니 – unnie: “big sister” said by a younger girl.
누나 – noona: “big sister” said by a younger boy. you’ll sometimes hear it in reality shows if some guys talk about the stylist noona. it’s also heard — if i remember correctly — in dream high.
맠내 – maknae: literally means the youngest member of the group. taemin is shinee’s maknae.
biases: ok so it’s not korean but this word refers to the people that you like the most in each group. for me, my biases include kahi park, sunny, onew, and niel.

did i miss anything? let me know and i’ll add it!


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