Girl Group Debuts So Far of 2011

So far this year we have had so many girl group debuts in K-pop it’s hard to keep track of who’s who in terms of all the new girl groups! It’s kind of hard to believe we’ve had so many new groups and only 1/4 of the year has passed. This post doesn’t cover every single girl group that debuted this year, just the ones that caught my eye.

As some of you may remember, the first couple of weeks of this year were home to two new K-Pop girl groups Dal Shabet and Piggy Dolls:

First, I’m going to talk about Dal Shabet, a six member girl group produced by E-tribe, this was arguably the most successful girl group debut that we’ve had so far this year. In Korea, they were the only new girl group into music program Inkigayo’s take 7 top songs and they aren’t even from a large entertainment company.  This group got A LOT of hype because they were produced by E-Tribe who are famous for writing songs such as SNSD’s “Gee” and Super Junior’s “It’s You”. Did we get another “Gee”, I think the answer to this is of course NO FREAKING WAY, but I did like the song. I didn’t love it, I just liked it. Regardless, it was a good DEBUT song nevertheless. When I first came in contact with this group, honestly I felt like they were just your average k-pop girl group cute concept, cute dance and just cute skinny girls in general. Looking back on other girl though that tried to break out  into the industry with new concepts and musical styles and failed — this fits Dal Shabet and fits them well. Cute is predictable but it’s undeniable that it works with Dal Shabet and they can pull it off especially well for a rookie group I did love their dancing, especially their ‘mermaid’ choreography. Their debut song isn’t in my top three new girl group debut songs of the year, it’s just lacking something. Their mini album was pretty good and I was surprised because I REALLY loved their intro and I normally tend to just overlook intros. I liked the song “매력덩어리” much better than “Supa Dupa Diva” because I really like rapping and I felt like this song had a lot more originality, although it was a bit annoying at times “매력덩어리” was definitely the track on their first EP that I had the most fun listening to! I also thought that their track “Oh!!WoW!! (With Koonta) although a nice song, was very forgettable to me, I guess there are songs like that on most albums or EPs though. I have very high hopes for this group seeing as they’re releasing a new single this month called “Pink Rocket”. Seeing as they were off to a very solid start, I want nothing more than improvement from this group and without a doubt they will be able to churn out amazing material, with “Pink Rocket” we will be able to see how much they have improved since their January debut and I can’t wait to see if they can give us a song that’s more than just good this promotion cycle around.

“Supa Dupa Diva” – Dal Shabet

Next, we have the three member ‘heavy weight idol group’ Piggy Dolls who had their debut around the same time Dal Shabet did, although their debut song “Trend” was a total flop in Korea. In all honesty, I liked “Trend” much better than I liked “Supa Dupa Diva”. This song had a lot of soul and I feel like it’s needless to say that these three girls have some MAJOR talent. There was unnecessary autotune throughout the song and that was a real turn off seeing as these three girls are so talented to begin with. Although Big Mama, another group of overweight idols was popular in the early 2000s. I just don’t think that South Korea is ready for the Piggy Dolls quite yet, and lets face it their name ‘Piggy Dolls’ is horrible and degrading! I can’t believe that any respectable girl or woman would want to call themselves a “Piggy Doll’ As for their EP ‘Piggy Style’, I felt like their intro had far too much autotune for these three girls who have AMAZING vocal talent. This is their debut (mini) album they need to showcase their vocal talents and all of the autotune in the intro (which is the first track that people are going to hear when listening to this album) isn’t letting them showcase that. Honestly, though “Trend”, their title track has to be in my top three new girl group songs this year! to hear voices like this is very refreshing. All the autotune in the chorus is the only part of the song that keeps it from going any higher than the number three spot, however. Their “그거 아니” track on their EP was another one of those forgettable tracks for me, it just didn’t have all the fierceness that “Trend” had and reminded me of the American pop of the late 90s for some reason. One track that I absolutely adored on their EP was “Darling”! “Darling” has minimal autotune and is a song that is just generally fun and makes you just want to dance, not to mention that this song really showcases the girls’ talent!! Lastly, there’s “아니잖아” a ballad(ish) track, I normally don’t like ballads but these three girls have such nice voices that I liked listening to “아니잖아” quite a bit. Overall, Piggy Dolls were a group that I really enjoyed listening to! Unfortunately, since their debut album was (as previously stated) a total flop, now I’m not so sure what’s going to happen to them in the future. There’s also news that their CEO is now trying to make them get plastic surgery and lose weight, but I’m not so sure that that would really help much of anything. Like I said, I just don’t think that South Korea (or maybe even the world) at that matter was really ready for the Piggy Dolls.

“Trend” – Piggy Dolls

Thirdly, we have Asia’s first “hip-hop a cappella group” six member Coin Jackson which apparently means “Korea in Michael Jackson” I feel kind of feel like they thought of what their group name stands for after they were actually named. Their debut song totally wasn’t a cappella and I’m not so sure if it was really hip-hop either. I’ve also wondered what Michael Jackson would have thought if he were still alive and knew a girl group with such a horrible debut song was named after him! There, I said it! I think their debut song “Feedback” is absolutely HORRIBLE!! I felt like I was being screamed at throughout the whole song and the chorus really made me want to cover my ears There are a couple of girls that really do have good voices, I think and I thought that their dancing was very good seeing as their debut MV was pretty low budget so it’s mostly dancing. In their defense the other song on their debut single, “Rumor” is much better than “Feedback” and although it’s not perfect it’s a better song to show of Coin Jackson’s vocal abilities. “Rumor” is actual song I can listen to! I wonder why this wasn’t their title track?? I guess because it wasn’t as ‘original’ sounding as “Feedback” despite being a far better song over all. I would even say that if you have time “Rumor” may even be worth a listen. A lot of girl groups get terrible debut songs, for example Girls’ Day’s debut song “Tilt My Head” was overly autotuned and just generally terrible, but then they came back with “Nothing Lasts Forever” followed by “Twinkle Twinkle” which are both nothing short of amazing! Hopefully Coin Jackson will be the same way and blow us away with their next release!

“Feedback” – Coin Jackson

Debuting in February with a new member Eunkyo were Core Contents’ female subgroup of Co-Ed School, 5dolls. At first I was sort of skeptical of listening to 5dolls because of all of the scandals that the male members of Co-Ed school had last fall. Really, though, the girls haven’t had any at all and their debut really caught my attention when I found out that the melt your eyeballs hottie and ex 2PM member Jay Park would be starring in their debut MV. It turned out that they were releasing dual title tracks and that meant two MVs both of which, in my opinion, were phenomenal because they told a truly touching and dare I say cruel story. Their two title tracks “Lip Stains” and “Your Words” can pretty much be described as ‘safe’ as anything. Staring with “Lip Stains”, as a song composed by Brave Brothers, I really felt like this song wasn’t anything that I haven’t heard before. It particularly resembles Sistar’s “How Dare You” which was also composed by Brave Brothers,  to me the songs are too similar for my tastes although neither are quite bad by any means. Ok, now on to “Your Words” this song definitely isn’t one of the gems of K-pop but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t really like this song! “Your Words” is, to me, a much more solid song than anything Co-Ed school had previously released and I really enjoyed watching it being performed live when 5dolls were promoting it. I also really liked original stage costumes although they were really cheesy and sometimes described as ‘lunch lady’ I really enjoyed watching them dance around in such ridiculous outfits because I’d never really seen anything like it before. Plus listening to lead vocalist Chanmi’s voice live is a real treat.  The rest of their EP, unfortunately wasn’t memorable at all to me and all the songs were reminiscent of something by T-ara or Sistar and full of Bravesound, not nearly as good as “Your Words” or  even “Lip Stains”. “Your Words” was a steady number two in my favorite new girl group debut songs! Although they didn’t do as well on the charts as I would have hoped, 5dolls is kind of like a guilty pleasure for me and I really wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

“Lip Stains” – 5dolls

“Your Words” – 5dolls

When I thought Coin Jackson’s name was a little bit silly, I wasn’t quite prepared for CHI-CHI which is a seven member group that made their debut last month. CHI-CHI gained a lot of criticism because although they’re rookies they said they wanted to ‘overtake SNSD’ I don’t know how Korean netizens felt about this but CHI-CHI got A LOT of negative attention on for that particular comment. I’m not really a sone so I can’t really explain why it affected them THAT much, but whatever. When it came down to it, I didn’t think that their debut song “Don’t Play Around” was really that great. It was highly autotuned and I absolutely hated the chorus, I mean are they even singing!? I also came across an MR removed performance of “Don’t Play Around” and I was honestly surprised at how little the group members were actually singing!! I was a teeny bit excited because Lee Jong Suk who played Han Tae Ssun from the popular winter drama Secret Garden was going to be in the music video. Honestly, horrible song aside, I felt like their debut MV was actually pretty cute although they did torture poor Jong Suk throughout the whole thing. CHI-CHI is coming back with an new single in May, lets see if they can show us some improvement then!

“Don’t Play Around” – CHI-CHI

Brave Girls was a debut that needless to say really caught my attention, this is simply because their producer and creator Brave Brothers has produced songs for pretty much for idol groups that belong every company barring the big 3 (with the exception of YG because Brave Brothers used to work for YG himself). When I first heard Brave Brothers was forming another girl group my initial reaction was ‘oh no, not another Sistar, T-ara or 5dolls’!! What I got, however was a group that reminds me strongly of 4minute and more importantly 2NE1. I think the strong musical (and even styling) resemblance to 2NE1 is due to Brave Brothers formerly being a part of YG Entertainment and working closely with Teddy Park who has produced almost all of 2NE1’s songs and has even gone so far as to help direct their choreography and music videos. Teddy Park’s influence is clearly there when I listen to their title track “Do You Know” I was reminded very strongly of 2NE1’s “It Hurts” and “Go Away” which to me are both far better songs. The video to me wasn’t bad at all but it didn’t really seem consistent to me, seeing as it would go between softish almost romantic scenes and then go to very sexy dancing scenes. It wasn’t a bad music viseo at all though, really. Also it’s needless to say that this song really does show that brave girls really do have nice voices although they aren’t quite near 2NE1’s level. OK, so next we have the second track on their single album called “So Sexy”. When I first heard “So Sexy” I was seriously laughing because the song starts off with “Hands up high, brave girls break your ankle” Um, no thank you. This is another song that yet again reminded me of 2NE1 and 4minute. Immediately I thought of 4minute’s “Musik” and 2NE1’s “Clap Your Hands”.  Although Brave Girls came out with songs that differ from Brave Sound’s regular style of music that he tends to produce for girl groups, it’s obvious that they still didn’t get the most original songs of all time. This was still better than I expected, Brave Girls are in the middle of promoting right now so I think I’m just going to sit back and watch how things turn out for them…

“Do You Know” – Brave Girls

Finally we have Rania who are a seven member girl group  produced by famous American producer Teddy Riley who has worked with artists such as Rihanna and Michael Jackson! Although I felt like their music video, outfits and stage performances were a little bit too sexy for my tastes after I listened to their debut song “Dr. Feel Good” several times, I realized that I really do like it a lot!! There’s even an English version on their debut single. “Dr. Feel Good” is an upbeat song that is totally the sort of song that you’d hear being played in a club here in the US. “Dr. Feel Good” is hands down my favorite song out of  all of the new girl group debut songs so far this year! I also really liked the other song on their new single called “Masquerade” which is the same type of upbeat song as “Dr. Feel Good” except maybe not quite as catchy as the latter! In any case I can’t wait to see more of Rania seeing as their debut song promotion cycle just kicked off last week!

“Dr. Feel Good” – Rania

They haven’t made their debut quite yet but one girl group debut that we’re looking forward to at Saranghae Pink is none other than Cube Entertainment’s newest girl group A Pink!!! They just released an MV teaser today, so we should expect the actual music video in a day or so! A Pink fighting!!! I wonder if it’s a good thing to have them overlapping promotional cycles with 4minute who are from their same company though…

Without further adieu here is their “7 seasons” teaser:

So, everyone! How was my first REAL post in Saranghae Pink!?!?!

I hope it wasn’t -too- horrible…I really wrote a lot!


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