BLOCK B: New MV is here

Ok, so this is the new MV by Block B, they were hyped up to have a lot of skill and training. Trained by Cho PD, who’s infamous for having a ‘lyric-diss war’ with G-Dragon from Big Bang.  This debut was probably one of the ones that I’d really been anticipating an looking forward to because apparently these guys have a lot of skill and talent. Also, I love K-hiphop groups in general so I was really looking out for block B. I don’t know why I expected this song to be better than it was,  I should just learn not to expect for every new release to be as wonderful as all the hype tries to make it seem. In any case, the members are good looking and their dancing is good too. In reality their debut song “Don’t move” is actually a pretty good song, I just expected better…


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