trax, “oh! my goddess”

other than the fact that when i first heard this song i thought it was a ripoff or something of popular japanese anime “aa! megami-sama,” this is one of my favorite singles by trax. if you haven’t seen the video, you know what to do. review begins below.

i have known about this music video for a while now and… yeah, i just can’t get enough of it. i absolutely love the color scheme that they used in the music video, the fact that they brought in a member of so nyeo shi dae to emphasize the theme of the song, and the theme itself makes me feel all ~bubbly~! if you can watch this video and read the lyrics without even feeling a tad bit lovely, we need to talk broski.
there are a couple of things i don’t really like, and one of them is the fact that a majority of the time everything is a very bright white. when i first watched it i kind of got a headache due to all the white walls, white costumes, white guitars… it’s gorgeous in some scenes but white on white on white on white just gets boring and tiring after a while. the second thing i didn’t like was the crazy panning that they do in three different scenes, one with the singer, one with the guitarist, and one with both of them. it doesn’t really add or take away from the music video as a whole per se but it’s just kinda there. i think they could’ve done something different that is also more effective. don’t ask me what because i don’t honestly know but yeah.
ok, it’s time for scores~

costuming: 2 points
i honestly thought that their costumes were really cute. the outfits weren’t overwhelming but they also weren’t entirely boring. the band members also looked really good in them so that just even more of a plus.

effects: 1 points
like i said earlier, those three camera panning points really weren’t necessary and there was a lot of light usage which… made it hard to see anything especially since it was all white.

continuity: 2 points
the continuity was great. it flowed from one scene to the next very well and matched the music.

choreography: 1 point
there wasn’t a lot of choreography but for the amount they had it was pretty good.

relativity: 2 points
he’s singing about a girl being his goddess, he has a goddess-like girl in the music video… yeah i’m pretty sure it’s relevant!

overall score: 8 sunnys

ok time to go run around and squeal like a little girl in love while this song is on infinite repeat.


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