New member Becca here!

My ultamate bias; Super Junior's Lee Hyukjae aka Eunhyuk

Hi Everyone, Saranhae Sapphire Pink’s newest blogger/member Becca here~

Firstly, I was super-excited when Heoni asked me to become a member of this blog because I absolutelylove K-pop and I’m also really glad to be a part of a blog with other members because I feel like it will motivate me to write more as opposed to running a blog by myself, haha.

I’m a college freshman and Political Science Major and I’m not really completely sure how I feel about it at the moment.I can’t wait to finish college and go out and see the world~! My non k-pop related hobbies include watching crappy reality TV, reading manga comics, playing pokemon, taking long walks and pretty much procrastinating on school work in every way I possibly can. (yeah, I’m a total dork)

I was first exposed to K-pop in late 2008 in Japan when the hallyu was first starting to gain momentum due to no other than DongBangShinki who were well on their way to becoming legends in the Japanese industry due to their explosive vocals, flawless looks and skilled dancing. The first song I heard was “Mirotic” on TV which absolutely blew me away. The me the song was perfect, I’d never heard anything like it in my life and it shot right to the top of my ‘top 25 most played list’ on my ipod only a week after I’d initially heard the song.

DBSK: “Mirotic”

After only listening to DBSK for about a year I discovered a new K-pop group called SS501 in mid-late 2009 while just browsing around the internet Although I felt like they weren’t as vocally strong as DBSK in the beginning I quickly fell in love with their songs “love Like This”and “Obsess” from their Rebirth album and  found them really catchy:

SS501: “Love Like This”

Summer 2010 is when my K-pop obsession really started this was around the  the time SS501 was promoting for “Love Ya” and “Let Me Be the One”

SS501: Let me be the one

I loved the songs so much  I wanted to get more into this ‘K-pop’ stuff because, let’s face it I had loved everything I’d heard so far. After reading around I found out my favorite member of SS501, Makne Kim Hyungjun had a younger brother named Ki Bum in another boy group called U-kiss. I listened to “Man Man Ha Ni” and I found the fast paced club-esque type song totally addicting! Pretty soon I was thrust into the wonderful world of K-pop after listening  to other artists that were promoting around that time such as Miss A, Taeyang, and Super Junior…and the rest is history! :)

Right now my main K-pop boy group fandoms are Super Junior and Big Bang. I’m totally becoming a hardcore ELF and VIP~! Although I don’t listen to girl groups quite as much, I would have to say that my favorite girl group hands down is 2NE1 I love their original and fierce songs and style. Not to mention being one of the most talented girl groups in the K-pop industry today. In a far second is JYP’s newest girl group, Miss A their dancing, and vocals have never ceased to amaze me.

Super Junior: “Sorry, Sorry”

Big Bang: “Haru Haru”

2NE1: “Fire”

Miss A: “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

In terms of drama, the first K-drama I ever watched was Love Marriage which is about a match maker who slowly falls in love with a divorce attorney. Although I felt like the story was progressing fairly slowly at first the misadventures of main character Lee Kang Hyun(Kim Min Hee) had me laughing my arse off and of course I found both Kim Min Hee’s and male lead Park Hyun Soo’s acting absoultely amazing, they really brought their characters to life. Soon after that watching Korean dramas became a great hobby of mine.

I’m really glad to have become a part of this blog and if you read all of this, all I can say is that I’m totally surprised. :P I can’t wait to start actually reviewing material! Thanks again Heoni for letting me join!! :D

Oh! In Case ya’ll were wondering, here’s an (incomplete) list of my biases:

Super Junior: Eunhyuk, Heechul

Big Bang: Seungri

2Ne1: Park Bom

Miss A: Min, Jia

DBSK: Kim Jaejoong

SS501: Kim Hyungjun

2PM: Junho

2AM: Jo Kwon, Seulong

Shinee: Choi Minho

FT Island: Hongki, Jonghun

If anybody wants to contact me outside this blog:

Twitter: @itsbeccadayo



…I just wish this blog had been named Saranghae Sapphire. :P [ELFmode]


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