heoni’s k-pop library

no this isn’t a method of me trying to find things to talk about that are fresh and interesting and no i haven’t been lazy recently. seriously, who do you think i am?
anyway, i thought i’d share with everyone the not-so-amazing k-pop library that i have on my itunes player. the pictures below do not have links to places where you can download them for free. as you should know, you should always support the artists and buy their albums on… whatever websites you can buy them on. i know for a fact that a lot of these artists are now listed in the united states on itunes for purchase so you have no excuse!
to see the larger sizes, just hover and click on the image of the list. they’re listed by artist from a – # and there are a total of six pages. they’re also listed in numerical order.
i’m welcome to entertaining suggestions, so definitely share some if you see something that i’m missing and you just know i have to have it. you’re also welcome to add me on my last.fm account, kaihinsashimi. leave a comment as to who you are and that you found my last.fm from this wordpress blog and i’ll be sure to add you back! enjoy. <3


One thought on “heoni’s k-pop library

  1. Secret – Empty Space
    2PM – I’ll Back Back
    Black Pearl – Go Go Ssing
    4MEN – Baby Baby
    4MEN – Go Baek (Confession)
    4MEN – Mothae (I can’t)
    Big Bang & 2ne1 – Lollipop
    BoA – No1
    Jessica (SNSD) – Naengmyun
    Taeyeon (SNSD) – Like a Star, I Love You, If, Can You Hear Me?
    Sunny – Finally Now
    Tiffany – Ring (Haru OST)
    Brown Eyed Girls – Sign, Abracadabra
    SHINee – Replay, Juliette, Love Like Oxygen
    D’N’T – I Have a Lover
    DBSK – Balloons
    Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl, 10 Minutes
    Norazo – Superman
    SNSD /F(x) – Chocolate Love
    SNSD & SuJu – SEOUL song
    Super Junior – Carnival
    T-ara – Falling U
    T.O.P – Turn It Up
    Wheesung – Insomnia
    Lee Eun Ju – You Were Born To Be Loved

    You’ve got a good mix~ it just looks like you’ve got a few little gaps, maybe albums you don’t like or forgot to download (earlier Soshi and SHINee albums etc). You probably know most of the songs I’ve listed anyway, but if you don’t, I suggest giving them a try… if you want more I can always suggest more.

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