picture of the day: 5 april

here is a lovely picture of miss sunny posing for the newest commercials for vita500 by kwang dong pharmaceuticals. she even got her own commercial! her blonde hair look is finally growing on me it seems.
you can find the rest of the pictures and the rest of the commercials here!
if you’d like to have a picture featured for the day, e-mail us! the addresses are in the side bar. :)


2 thoughts on “picture of the day: 5 april

  1. Vita 500… is one of the prizes we’ll be giving away at the UK SONE meet up. We have a set of 9 bottles, one for each member, all still sealed. Are you coming? ^___^ We have other lovely prizes too….
    I would offer another picture suggestion, but as a completely biased SONE, you might get fed up of me very fast.

    • Nice! I’m not actually going but Lily, as far as I’m aware, will be going to the SONE meet up. I’ll give her a heads up about what you’re doing. :) We could do a write-up about what you’re doing if you’d like?

      Haha, heck no! :D Send all of the pictures you want! The e-mail is heoni@saranghaepink.com

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