“we got married” finally ends

after having watched so much “dream high” this week, i finally took a minute to sit down and watch the final episode of “we got married.” i had not watched the rest of the series — i’m waiting right now on the next season — and had no clue as to what had happened prior to these final episodes. but i was so touched by the yongseo couple just from this final episode that… i don’t know, i just am. i kind of regret not watching the rest of the season.
there are spoilers beyond the jump so if you haven’t watched it yet, go do that and then come back and read.
i was really impressed by how much they did for one another on their last date. the first part of the last episode was really touching, with the banmal song and how they were revisiting all of the places they went on their first date. they continued this, however, going into the store where they bought their couple rings together and going to the first restaurant where they had dinner for the first time together.
the part that got me the most was when they were leaving the house. seohyun really didn’t want to leave~ but but but the surprise that yonghwa had for her in his car was so cuuute! i wanted that guitar so badly you guys… but she looked so happy receiving it!
and that silly storybook that she made for yonghwa. it was so cute; it looked like she had really worked hard on it.
one thing that i do hope for them is that they do consider being in a relationship with one another. after seeing seohyun cry in this episode, i knew that she was going to miss him so much. and i’m going to miss them both too! i don’t care if i saw just two episodes; this show is quite amazing.


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