updates galore!

yes yes i’ve said a couple of times already that we’re going to have e-mail addresses and all this awesome stuff going on here at saranghae pink and i’ve finally gotten it all figured out!
> the first update is probably the most important: we are now officially saranghaepink.com! you no longer need to use that silly wordpress.com extension!
> with that said, we now have e-mail addresses to go with our new domain. you can now reach us at: heoni@saranghaepink.com, lily@saranghaepink.com, and emma@saranghaepink.com! these e-mails will be located on the sidebar in the event this post becomes lost in the dark abyss of our many k-pop glories. use them to send in suggestions, news reports, videos, pictures, and whatever else you like! we’ll be sure to feature it when we can. if you want us to review something, let us know!
> lastly, and i failed to mention it when it actually happened, lily has made us new buttons for the website! please feel free to link to us and we’ll make sure to link back to you!
one thing that has struck me recently is that we have not announced what kind of set plan we have for this blog. ok, it’s a blog and we talk about k-pop. that’s as far as we’ve really gone. i’d like to go a bit further and to help you all understand what we’re here for; the three of us have found that k-pop, k-drama, and korean culture is something that we are all passionate about. no, we aren’t obsessed and no, we don’t lick pictures of taemin’s abs. the news that we report here we don’t find on our own — it’s hard when we don’t actually live in korea, yes? — but we try to add our own personalities to what we do post. our video reviews are our own opinions and are not to be taken way too seriously; we’re doing this for fun. and finally… well, i just said it: we’re here to have fun.
we hope to have a little bit more information about ourselves in the future; lily and emma just returned from kitacon and won’t be working too hard on the blog for the next couple of days. after that, we’ll start making the blog seem… the slightest bit more professional by adding some information about ourselves! lol
one last thing i would like to say is thank you to everyone who reads saranghae pink and to the two lovely ladies that i get to work with. we were able to reach 148 views on 2 april, which is the highest number of views we’ve received since we began blogging here. i know there are people who get so much more than that but, to me, knowing that people are reading are blog and enjoying what we write means so much to me. thank you again to everyone who made this possible!
well, i think that is about it! thank you for reading this long, boring post and here’s to more awesome stuff here at saranghae pink! :)


2 thoughts on “updates galore!

  1. I love the introduction–looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future! I think the most interesting part about blogs isn’t so much the news itself but the unique perspective of the blogger reporting it. :)

    • Thanks! :)
      Yeah, I definitely agree about that. I’m taking a digital media class this year and part of our class, we have to blog in a professional manner, I suppose you could say. I can’t get much into it because of the strictness of the material and the criteria to make an AP-style blog. This blog allows me to basically be myself and write about whatever I want. Like Hyonyeon’s ugly hair!
      Sometimes the things I learn from that class stick, like making sure there is color and art to each post. Otherwise, it’s all fair game for me. >:)
      If you have any suggestions, definitely let us know! Thanks so much for your comments and your readership. <3

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