4minute releasing quite a lot

it was only a week ago that 4minute released the pv for their single “heart to heart.” on 1 april, they revealed the new cover and tracklist for their next album “4 minutes left.” today, they released a new pv for their second single off of the album, “mirror mirror.”
when i saw the song title i honestly couldn’t help but go “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” 4minute looks pretty good in this music video, actually, so i’m hoping that the mirror will reply back with something like… “all of them except that girl with the perm/afro thing.” haha, i will never get over it! it doesn’t look cute, ladies. and she looks so much better with straight hair. does she share hyoyeon’s hairdresser or something?
ok now that i have proven that i absolutely do not like the perm style on skinny girls like 4minute and orange caramel, it’s time to put the video here and shut up. enjoy!


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