orange caramel receives criticism

“it was only a matter of time,” i thought, when i read this article earlier this afternoon.
i stand by what i said about orange caramel’s new pv, “bangkok city.” they have really gone onto a different path with their image and style that it’s… really odd for them. they don’t pull off the retro-afro look and the tight, form-fitting dresses. the song is very catchy and enjoyable to listen to, but the pv? yeah, i can’t get past it.
the allkpop article, however, really struck me at odd, though. the criticism orange caramel was receiving wasn’t because their costumes were tacky — like in my opinion — but rather because the costumes were “too tight” and gave off a “sexual feeling?” uh, ok.
and apparently lizzy’s costume was supposed to be “reminiscent of lady gaga.” we’re talking about the same stefani germanotta, right? the one that waltzed around on american idol in a black, lacy thong with shirtless men all around her? because honestly… i don’t see the resemblance between lizzy’s bra-on-top costume and lady gaga in all of her… craziness.
i can agree with pledis entertainment’s response though: “we tried to capture orange caramel’s many charms by setting the music video in a funky club. we hope you see their outfits as part of fashion.” it is part of fashion; it’s not overly sexy and it’s not really meant for orange caramel but it is fashion.
let’s just hope they can do a bit better on the next single.


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