ok “dream high,” you win

i honestly didn’t think i was going to like this series. i don’t know why… but i’ve only watched six episodes now and i’m absolutely hooked. now i just need to find a way to get my college’s internet working better than this slow crap.
the show started so slowly and felt like it wasn’t going anywhere for the longest time. i couldn’t help but think “ok seriously when… are we going to get to the awesome parts like where she lays the smack down on yoon baek hee and when does she make out with one of those boys… this is getting so annoying.”
but then i realized it wasn’t about all of that.
and the show actually got really good. i seriously almost cried during the scene where they are singing “sowoneul malhaebwa” to that dude who works at the chicken place. go hye mi actually had some sort of emotion in what she was singing. i was actually kind of surprised?? i thought she was incapable of doing anything even remotely similar to emotions.
and when she beat down yoon baek hee i was like “yeah bitch had it comin’ to her.” but then she dropped that flower pot onto song sam dong’s head and… oh my god i was so scared for him but i’m so glad he’s ok! he’s actually the most amazing character out of all of them. i thought he was going to be the awful country person who knew of like… nothing… and then goes through major culture shock but he’s done pretty well for a bumpkin. and his singing ability is really nice too. i preferred him when he had that long hair, though. the short is still fitting but not as fitting.
i’m really excited to continue watching the rest of the series. it’s gotten so much better and the music is absolutely amazing!
minus the fact that they used black eyed peas. seriously, you guys.


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