picture of the day: 30 march

i used to be a major fan of f(x), but as time passed and i came to be closer friends with lily and emma, i decided that not all korean girl groups were my favorite. i’m now stuck with being in love with all of the boy groups like shinee and now bran new u-kiss and f(x) only gets a listen from time to time.
when i did like f(x) a lot though, sulli was my favorite. i don’t know why but i just really liked her compared to the rest of the group. she’s very cute and very girly looking. the top hat she’s wearing in this picture is absolutely adorable, too! and a happy belated birthday to her!
thanks so much to monty0hm for sharing this picture! it can be found at tumblr blog kateyoo.
got a picture you want to see?… we’re getting an e-mail soon i think so for now just comment here with your picture lol.


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