next season, “we got married”

the lovely couple has been decided for the next airing of “we got married.” as we all know, the conclusion to yongseo’s relationship is quickly coming but i’m actually quite thankful that the next season is in the works!
the first person to be chosen for “we got married” is ham eunjung. you will know her best from core contents media’s all-girl group t-ara and — if you’re much into dramas — “dream high” (which i still need to finish watching ugh).
her husband, however, has also been decided. and he’s pretty handsome if you ask me! you’ll know him best from the boy group 24/7 and some k-dramas like “smile, dong-hae.” if you don’t know who it is yet, keep reading!

it’s lee jang woo!!!
i honestly don’t know about lee jang woo only from what i just read about him on some k-drama websites and wikipedia but i think he’s — along with ham eunjung — going to be extremely interesting. i’m actually quite excited at how this season is going to turn out.
i missed the entire season with yongseo and i regret it so so so much. i’m definitely going to be watching it this season… while finishing “dream high.” ehehehe.
anyone else going to be watching it? how do you feel about it?


2 thoughts on “next season, “we got married”

  1. Why is there an “ugh” after saying you have to finish watching Dream High? It isn’t wildly popular for nothing… ;P

    I haven’t really watched this show too much, but you make me think maybe I should start…

    • Haha, I didn’t mean it like THIS SHOW SUCKS because the show is actually really great, especially after episode 4. I meant it more along the lines of… I never have time to do anything anymore. :’D

      I’m not even going to attempt to watch the entirety of the season that’s about to end but I’m definitely going to try and watch the next season. :)

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