my start with k-pop

for the longest time, i was into j-pop. if you asked me who my favorite artists were, i’d tell you utada hikaru, ayumi hamasaki, and perfume. it wasn’t a lie, either; j-pop dominated my life. i drove places listening to j-pop, i slept to j-pop, i even had dance parties to all of my favorite j-pop songs. but one day, two years ago, changed my view of music perhaps for the better but it was definitely a change.
i was sitting in my room on my laptop, as i’m basically doing while i write this. i was browsing the internet including my favorite social networking sites when one of my friends referred a k-pop song to me through social networking website plurk. i’m totally open to new songs and artists and new international tastes. so, without hesitation, i opened the youtube link: i sat there and mulled over it as i watched the girls dance around in rhythm to the song “sowoneul malhaebwa.” i knew it was korean and the most korean i could realize was “annyeong” (which i couldn’t even spell properly at that point) but i also knew that i absolutely loved this song. the minute the genie’s bottle appeared on my screen, i was hooked. i had no clue why, either.
i had been living my life listening to j-pop; i almost felt like i was deceiving my precious collection of j-pop music that i had been gathering for six years now. i even glanced at the hatsune miku ~project diva~ game i had just purchased and felt a little saddened. it’s a rhythm game, consisting of all hatsune miku songs, and i just gotten it in the mail.
closing the youtube link, i slinked away from my computer — to keep myself from temptation of listening to k-pop again — and quietly played my psp like i had just been punished for cheating on my precious hatsune miku.
a year later, my friends on plurk began discussing k-pop once again. i sat around and decided to read it all to check out what they had been listening to and what was popular during the time. the so nyeo shi dae song appeared multiple times on my timeline but with that appeared another music video:after i watched that music video, i was officially done for. and i would never be the same. i blame taemin and his hair.
from that point on, i started discussing k-pop with my friends, searched for friends who were also interested in k-pop, and even converted some people to k-pop including my internship manager. she’s a huge fan of iu, last she told me.
since then, i’ve practically given up j-pop. from time to time, i’ll turn on utada hikaru and flow but… yeah, i can’t find the same interest in it as i did once before.
i have figured out a lot of my favorites which i will share with you! i hope you enjoy them: that’s about it! thanks for reading.


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