this always makes me laugh~

I was linked this video a while ago by Lily, its a nice reminder that kpop idols are just like us who are of legal age to consume alcohol. Normally we see these guys and girls looking immaculate and untouchable, in photos, magazines, their music videos and even their tv appearances, but seeing silly they record off by themselves lets you know that outside the fame they just like to have dumb fun like everyone else!

I dunno, it might just be me, but it makes me feel like they’re a little more down to Earth than they’d be, say in a video like this;


I really like how silly the guys look singing in the car, Onew just likes jumping around like a derp in the video, just waving his arms all over the place. I will never get over how good Keys English is! Jong is just singing along with Key and Taemin is just kicking it in the backseat! I think i’m blind but I cannot spot Minho anywhere, whoops!


Anyway I really just love this type of video, made by the idols, and probably never intended to be seen by the fans, idk really!


2 thoughts on “this always makes me laugh~

  1. Dude, you rock. If you want to keep rocking, send $10 to Happy SHINee, SHINee land, South Korea…..
    (…do et.)

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