picture of the day: 29 march

if you’re reading this, please start sending your own images. otherwise i will sit here and be a biased person toward sunny from so nyeo shi dae. honestly.
with that said, isn’t this picture of her absolutely gorgeous!? i keysmashed all over the place when i saw it. i just… yeah i don’t know. she’s always so cute and adorable but this picture really shows a different side of her. i love it to death. the photograph has been taken at such a wonderful angle too… ok i’m done.
image was found on tumblr blog sequinsandstilettos!


2 thoughts on “picture of the day: 29 march

    • Oh, you’re right. We haven’t put any sort of e-mail link up… Thanks for pointing that out!

      And that’s such a nice picture. :) Thanks for sharing!

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