“we got married” really touching

i couldn’t help but be absolutely moved by the last episode of “we got married.” i had heard about this “yongseo” couple from lily and around on other blogs that have been covering the story since it began last year. i honestly thought this show had a ridiculous concept. you put two people under a roof for a year and you expect them to learn something from it?
well, i was wrong. they really did learn something about themselves. and just from watching the first part, i learned something, too.
i don’t have a lot to say about the episode because i honestly haven’t seen the rest of the series but this first part was really touching. i absolutely loved how seohyun kept hiding all of these things he had done for her like the checking account and the guitar. “was i supposed to learn how to play?” “when did we open a bank account?” ohhh you.
yonghwa even brought a diary that he had filled with questions to ask seohyun just like she did on their first date. i didn’t know that seohyun was a history junkie… that’s so strange to me for some reason. i da naaaaa.
i was most touched by seohyun’s guitar playing at the end of the episode. yonghwa was asking about dropping the banmal and she was like “no that’s so awkward!” but for her to sing a song about dropping the banmal on top of re-writing the song… i was moved to be honest.

as someone in a relationship of my own, i always think of the bigger gifts — the more materialistic and expensive gifts — to be the ones that touch the receiver most. but no, it’s the small, thoughtful gifts that matter; the song you play on a guitar or the clothes you wear to remember your first date.
i’m so sad that this season is almost over but if they have another one, i’m definitely going to be watching it.

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