u-kiss ‘0330’ is coming!

after all the controversy surrounding u-kiss recently (kibum got kicked out!! the members have been replaced!! who are these new people, i do not know them!!), it seems like things are finally settling down in the u-kiss camp. after following tweets from the band, it’s been revealed that the title song ‘0330’ from their fifth mini album ‘Bran New Kiss’ (spelling intentional, i’ve been informed) will be released on march 30th – in two days time!

for people who aren’t able to wait a whole two days for their u-kiss goodness, there have been several teasers posted on youtube. i know for sure that this is something i’m going to enjoy; i’ve always loved u-kiss and that isn’t going to change simply because of a lineup adjustment (although i will happily admit, i’ll miss kibum and alexander!). still, i look forward to seeing what the new members, aj and hoon, can contribute to the band~ <3

they look super cute in the teasers, i hope the mv doesn't disappoint!

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