k-pop parodies

frequenting the internet as often as i do, i came across a mass selection of k-pop parodies that are just… i don’t even know how to explain it. amazing? hilarious? i don’t know. you really just need to watch these and see what you think about them. here is a special warning though: a common theme is homosexuality and sex and whatnot so please do not be offended as it is all a joke. these are also not the views of the bloggers here at saranghae pink but damnit they’re hilarious and you have no sense of humor if you can’t laugh along, too.
so the first one is shinee’s “hello” music video, done by youtube user hotlizardfox. they have a collection of other parodies so you should definitely check them out.

this one is by the same youtube user, but this one has been done to shinee’s “lucifer” music video. this one is absolutely hilarious… i felt bad for minho losing his monkey chair but once he put his pimp hand down, taemin finally learns that he’s being a real jerk. but as the end of the parody says, “f*ck with your maknae and they’ll become lucifer.”

this one was also done by the same youtube user (i swear i’ll get to another person in just a minute) and was done to b2st/beast’s “shock.” if this is seriously how they feel then i’m so sorry for them. hahaha!

a different kind of parody, created by youtube user nightspells, is directed at a certain group of people. in this case, so nyeo shi dae’s “gee” has been written to be directed at anti-snsd fans. they have a good point, too…

last, this one is by youtube user xdaikiraxaishiterux to super junior’s “sorry sorry.” this one doesn’t have any sort of pg-15 content but it’s just still humorous to watch. just imagine if they were actually saying that…? man i wish someone would treat me like that. gosh.

that’s it! hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. be sure to comment with some parodies you’ve found and enjoyed.


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