k-drama, “dream high”

yesterday, a friend of mine suggested that i watch this k-drama called “dream high.” it had a lot of groups and singers that my friends and i recognized and really liked, so it was only a matter of time before someone suggested that i watch it. i had watched previous k-dramas on websites like crunchyroll but i couldn’t sit through them for longer than four episodes; they were very traditional styled k-dramas that i couldn’t find interesting. with that said, however, it’s time to review the first three episodes!
in the first episode, we are introduced to all of the characters except for one. we have go hye mi who is a stubborn and selfish singer. she has a best friend, yoon baek hee, who is called her “follower.” hye mi uses yoon baek hee to pay for expenses — like dinner dates — and, from our first meeting, taking picture of hye mi during her performances. we come to believe that hye mi does care about yoon baek hee because hye mi defends her, but as the episode progresses, we realize that she doesn’t care about yoon baek hee at all. we are also introduced to hyun si hyuk, a childhood friend of go hye mi and a dancer; song sam dong, a country bumpkin who doesn’t get much storyline in the first episode; and others.
as the first episode continues, we learn that go hye mi’s family — her father specifically — owes a man, who i assume is part of some mob, money. go hye mi’s father, however, has fled the country and she is now the next in line to owe money. they threaten to confiscate go hye mi and her sister’s house and also to take away go hye mi’s sister. they make an agreement that if go hye mi is accepted into the kirin art school — a school go hye mi has repeatedly said is for beggars and crappy students — she will be able to get money from her job and will be able to pay back the mobster guy.
she goes to the audition with her friend, yoon baek hee, and fails. astounded that she failed, she makes a fool of herself in front of the judges — including the director — and yoon baek hee. she goes out of her way to knee before the director and begs him to accept her, but he keeps the same answer; go hye mi has failed and that’s that. and that is the end of episode one.
episode two, we come to learn that go hye mi has been accepted into the school under “special acceptance” by the director along with two other students. we also learn that one of the professors at the school will lose their job if he is incapable of finding the three students and getting them in before the entrance ceremony. this spans the entirety of episode two and three along with some scenes in which yoon baek hee begins to learn more about herself.
the series has been pretty interesting. i’m only on episode four right now but it has kept my attention much longer than other k-dramas i’ve watched. the music from the series has been really amazing so far though i have been somewhat weirded out by their use of american pop songs from mandy moore and miley cyrus. are they that unhappy with the pop songs they have in korea? i can name girl groups from korea that are much better than mandy moore and miley cyrus.
the acting hasn’t been exactly amazing either. i want to say it was to be expected; i started watching this, knowing i was basically watching a korean high school version of the bold and the beautiful but even then it’s much more interesting than watching a bunch of adults cry because their boyfriend cheated on them with their best friend for the billionth time. the acting could’ve been better in general but it’s good i suppose.

overall score (so far): 8 sunnys

i forgot to mention that taecyeon gets naked in episode three so it got an extra point for that.


2 thoughts on “k-drama, “dream high”

  1. Just wait until the episode when Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) wears Jin Gook’s (Taecyeon) underwear… (I kid you not). It sends the bromance-o-meter off the charts. ^^

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