ham, “lower your sight”

time for some more of heoni’s these-bands-don’t-get-enough-recognition corner. today i’ll be reviewing ham’s “눈높이를 낮추고 (lower your sight).” mind you that ham does not mean pigs. ham means heart and mind. gosh. if you haven’t watched the music video yet, do so before continuing on.

ok now that you’re done, let’s start.
first off, i really like ham. they really don’t get enough recognition.
now that that’s been said, i also really liked this music video. the girls aren’t entirely skanky looking and they don’t do any outlandish dances which for me is a nice break. the use of effects worked really well in this music video, too. there was nothing extreme, nothing majorly blinding or obnoxious. the dancers in the background added somewhat of a nice touch; made it not entirely boring to sit through.
i about screamed when that women dropped the ring into the glass sitting in front of her. i know it was just water and a ring can suffer through a little bit of water submersion but to do it right in front of him, it made me so sad.
only complaint i could seriously have about this video/song combination is that… it’s not entirely smart to repeat your band name over and over again. i’m not sure if “heart and mind” is supposed to mean something exactly but saying “h a m” is kind of random. that and it’s like destiny’s child telling you “hey guys, we’re destiny’s child and this is our song.” please tell me you’ve heard that… or at least that stupid “darkchild” crap at the beginning or end of songs. ugh.
scoring time.

costuming: 1 point
their costumes were alright. i was kind of worried that the skirts were too short but when they didn’t move through the entire video, i felt better about it. the rock-er costumes were a nice change, too, and it flowed well with the change in music from a preppy sound to a more rock-y sound. i know that just made zero sense but i get it. bottom line is that i thought they were kind of boring but worked well for what they were doing.

effects: 1 points
there weren’t a lot of effects present in this video other than the occasional flare and change of scene. it was nice to have a more calm, easy-to-watch music video compared to the last one i reviewed but i think they could’ve done a little more.

continuity: 2 points
the continuity was almost perfect, in my opinion. when they were changing scenes during the girls’ dance it streamed from one to the other without any jarring changes to arm movements or placements.

choreography: 1 point
there really wasn’t a lot of choreography and they did the same thing for both verses and the choruses. what choreography they did do was great, in-time, and was nice to watch. but there honestly wasn’t a lot unless you consider fist pumping “choreography.”

relativity: 2 points
i watched the video before reading a translation of the lyrics (forgive me i don’t know korean how could i live this way i know) and i do have to say that the lyrics work well with the music video they’re presenting.

overall scoring: 7 kahi parks

yes lily made me some new heads. um…
this video was great for the kind of sound, popularity, and theme they have going for them both as a group and just for this one song. however, i think they can still push the envelope just a bit more and find that nirvana that their competition has found before them.
cough cough shinee cough cough.
this review has been found fair and just.


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