behind the scenes

heoni: oh shit
heoni: minho was in boys over flowers?
heoni: isn’t that him on the left
heoni: IS IT
emma: if he was in
emma: hana yori dango
heoni: korean version bro
heoni: korean version
emma: hana yori dango is my favorite shoujo anime
lily: nooo it isnt him fff
heoni: OH
heoni: MY GOD
heoni: IT IS
heoni: IT’S LEE MIN HO
emma: gotta go cry
lily: shinee is
heoni: me too oh my god
lily: choi minho
lily: lee minho is a different guy
heoni: oh
lily: LMAO
emma: Choi minho
emma: got a letter from me
emma: and ignored it
lily: sorry
emma: 8(
heoni: what a bitch 8(
heoni: let’s protest shinee
emma: ok
emma: B|
lily: yes
emma: sob
heoni: for not being in hana yori dango korean style
heoni: and for not responding to your mail
lily: we won’t forgive themm unless taemin has sex with me
emma: yes ;A;
emma: ….
lily: yes
emma: GET OUT
emma: B|
heoni: no
lily: what
heoni: onew has to have sex with me too
heoni: gosh
emma: :T I will turn minho down
heoni: why do i always get left out of these things!!
emma: HUMPH
lily: he would if you give him chicken
heoni: why
lily: emma you are so tsun tsun
emma: >)))
heoni: emma
emma: I want a letter first
heoni: is it not like you like him or anything
lily: that made me giggle
emma: ;w; what is love
heoni: baby don’t hurt me
heoni: don’t hurt me
lily: ‘will you go out with me?’ ‘NOT UNTIL YOU WRITE ME A LETTER’
heoni: no more
emma: its a good plan
emma: ok
heoni: it really is
emma: >))) dems de rules meanho
emma: it’ll be awful
heoni: his nick is fitting because he really is a mean ho
emma: you two
emma: will be having sex everywhere
emma: and minho
lily: awww yeah
emma: will be writing a letter
heoni: lmfao
lily: LMFAO
heoni: beautiful
lily: oh this
lily: this is perfect
lily: we should write a fanfiction
emma: ohgod
heoni: yes
lily: and put it on
heoni: yes
heoni: y e s
emma: yesssss
emma: ohman
emma: I want a kpop avatar :T
lily: once upon a time there was a band called shinee
emma: who lives on a planet called korea
emma: *LIVED
lily: wow
lily: great grammar there
lily: although it’d be good for it’s ok
lily: carry on
lily: shinee were so seksy!! but one day a irish girl called EMMAR wroted a letter
lily: to the spock one!!
lily: called minho
lily: because he is a sexy beast!! but she waited and waited
heoni: and heoni was like
heoni: onew i got some kfc!!!!
lily: and there was no reply
heoni: and onew was like
heoni: AH MAH GAH and ate it all
heoni: including the container
lily: because he is greedy
lily: heoni pouted
emma: *onew6
heoni: best fanfiction ever
emma: and said ‘y u no share’
lily: and onew went ‘oh bb did you want some i will give you some’ and pressed his lips to hers and they made out and he got an awkward boner
lily: in kfc
lily: then he got his meat rod out and pounded her erotically on the counter!!!
lily: (the server had gone so it was all good)
lily: OH DO ME HARDER she moaned eroticly
heoni: w o w
emma: sdffdgh I CANT BREATHE
lily: ok my baby he replied as he pulled out splurging all over the floor
heoni: splurge
lily: yes
lily: why is badfic so fun
heoni: because it sucks
emma: hongjong
emma: came into the room
lily: with key
heoni: oh god
lily: because they are gay
heoni: am i still on the counter
emma: and in lesbians
lily: no you are cleaned up now
heoni: oh
heoni: damn
lily: onew licked you clean and you said oh
emma: fine you are still filthy
lily: little did you know
lily: tamein was watching!!!!!!!
heoni: O H
lily: everyone thoguht he was innocent but he was a dirty maknae
lily: he had watched his hyungs videos and he was curious
heoni: taemin had become
heoni: the lucifer
lily: he was corrupted completely
lily: he started jacking off as he saw the erocit seen in front of him OHHHHH he accidentally moaned as he stroked himself
lily: suddenly lily heard him!!
lily: and opened the door to the room he was hiding in because he was behind a door
lily: she was shocked at seeing taemin with his love rod out
lily: and taemin started blushing but then lily reached out and took holld and said
lily: its ok baby and she started wanking him off and he came
lily: the end
lily: all this happened while minho was writing a letter
lily: and key was buying shoes
lily: the end end
heoni: emma still hasn’t gotten that stupid letter
emma: asfksdf
heoni: the real end
emma: wait
emma: oh
lily: this is the best fic ever
heoni: bad end: lily gets pregnant
heoni: oops
lily: how
emma: okayy
lily: all i did was jack him off
lily: honestly
emma: you never washed your hands
heoni: yep
lily: oh
lily: oh shit
heoni: and then touched yourself
heoni: ooooops
lily: and then i had a baby korean and it was bklonde
emma: and named
emma: l.joe(squared)
lily: i called him l joe
lily: but then that was crfeepy so i renamed him yoseob
emma: ಠдಠ
lily: because i do not want sexual relationships with yoseob
lily: he so cute!!
heoni: oh my god
lily: kya
emma: you are killing me
lily: the end!!!!!
heoni: moe moe kyuuun
emma: my chest hurts
heoni: can i put this on saranghae
lily: i want to actually put this on
heoni: as like
heoni: behind the scenes stuff
lily: hang on i’m going to edit it
heoni: no
emma: pfffffft make it classic korean literature
heoni: your mom is classic korean literature
lily: oh
lily: okay
emma: if she was i’d be happy :T

read the fanfic we have created here!


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