teentop, “supa luv”

heoni: hi im onew
heoni: this is onew
heoni: and this is onew
heoni: and we are
heoni: saranghae asian chikin soupp generation
lily: she want my poop love
emma: Onews
lily: oh oh oh oh
heoni: chicken smoothie
emma: …I thought you didn’t like scat
lily: i don’t
lily: she does
lily: whoever she is
heoni: it’s ok if she does
heoni: gosh
lily: i don’t ;___;
lily: i have limits
lily: limit
lily: a limit
emma: …Limits
emma: my butt
lily: poop is that limit
heoni: limits
heoni: ok blog
heoni: srs
emma: are we reviewing yet?
heoni: i don’t know
lily: ;_; is this be mean to lily day
lily: come on let’s have some soup love
heoni: ok
emma: happy be mean to Lily Monday
heoni: someone count
lily: 3
lily: 2
lily: 1
lily: go
emma: ein
heoni: curtains
heoni: walking
that dude: it’s sunday bitch
heoni: coffee
lily: bring it on
emma: mmmm
heoni: relaxing
emma: caffine
lily: technology
heoni: falling from the sky
heoni: pink hair
emma: ….
lily: i want that to happen to me
emma: you can summon koreans with computers?
heoni: NAAAAH
lily: random jailbait landing in my bedroom
heoni: niel makes them say oh
emma: ….omg that pink hair hurts my eyes
lily: i would be very cool with that
heoni: wat
that dude: you can summon them with starcraft tho
lily: do not diss the pink hair
emma: oh hey look my avatar
lily: l.joe has the best hair ever
lily: it’s so pretty
lily: he’s so pretty
emma: lalala
lily: mmmm
heoni: no niel does
heoni: they look like robots
lily: shh
lily: that’s because they are
lily: duh
lily: robots with dirt on their shoulders
heoni: that’s a mac he’s using
heoni: did you know that
emma: why is that guy watching tv instead of the koreans dancing outside his house???
lily: because
heoni: supa man
lily: *he made them*
heoni: supa fantasy
lily: that is in italics by the way
emma: oh wait he saw them
emma: cyclops heehe
lily: random flips
heoni: doing ariels in the train station
lily: oh hi sexy…………………..
heoni: oh wait wrong group
emma: Belly laugh some more
lily: l.joe is late
heoni: i love that belly laugh
lily: man honestly
lily: how dare he
heoni: cap needs a cap
emma: omg C.A.P’s being blackmailed
emma: with pictures
heoni: rapping by that dude with blue streaks in his hair
heoni: random lady
lily: robot dancing
emma: …he is trying to copy Minho not very well
heoni: oh oh oh oh oh
heoni: you know you want it baby
emma: what you trying to say baby
heoni: i actually used this on my room mate
heoni: she said no
lily: oh my god he is so attractive
lily: i cannot
lily: oh my god
heoni: running in a tunnel
emma: ok the pink haired guy has so much aegyo
lily: so many underage koreans
lily: i am going to cry
emma: …wait how old are they
lily: shall we watch it again
heoni: that oldest is 16
heoni: and yes
emma: ….
lily: every single one of them is younger than me
emma: holy shit i’m a pedo
lily: no the oldest is 18….
emma: *PEDO
heoni: yep
heoni: pedo is def what you are
heoni: oh
emma: good god
heoni: well still pedo
lily: because he was born the year after me
lily: shush
heoni: p e d o
emma: wait
heoni: ok we’re watching it again
emma: how old is strawberry head?
lily: i can’t be a pedo i haven’t turned 20 yet
lily: he’s um
lily: 17 i think
lily: i don’t know
lily: I DON’T KNOW
emma: fml
lily: old enough
heoni: how old is niel
lily: to know what he’s doing
lily: fuck knows
emma: oh well i’m ok with this road to hell
heoni: lmfao
lily: okay playing it again
emma: its paced with pretty koreans
heoni: hey emma
lily: 3
heoni: wait
lily: 2
heoni: emma
heoni: sdkjfbsldjhbfs
lily: ok
lily: waiting
emma: 1
heoni: emma chunji was born the same day as me
lily: FFFFFF
emma: wakhsdklgh
emma: ffffffffff
heoni: lmfao
heoni: ok go
lily: OK
lily: 321 GO
heoni: i want that coffe machine
heoni: and that computer
emma: Todays ad was a model agency
lily: check out dem sexy curtains
emma: heehe
heoni: showeeeer
emma: shower
emma: hohoho
lily: i love this dance
lily: it’s kind of ridiculous
heoni: is niel technically their leader?
lily: i think so yeah
lily: idk
heoni: since he’s in the center and stuff all the time
heoni: ok
emma: This video encourages the lusting after underage koreans
lily: he’s definitely the lead singer
emma: :T
heoni: yeah it seriously does
heoni: i lust after niel
heoni: in an unfortunate pedo way
emma: what is pinku’s name?
lily: l.joe
heoni: pinku
lily: he is mine
lily: m i n e
emma: L Joe hee….
lily: get out
emma: NO
lily: you are not allowed
lily: he is mine forever
lily: shush
emma: I will fight you for him and his belly laugh
heoni: the l stands for little
lily: oh my god so pretty
emma: dat dancing
heoni: he’s got a little joe
heoni: /shot
lily: emma you can have cap
lily: i would be fine with that
heoni: what is this white and red thing by the way
emma: Supa love ohohohoh
lily: it ain’t the size it’s how you use it
lily: what white and red thing…..
lily: run l.joe run
heoni: the stage thing
emma: wait is this the band with prince in it?
heoni: background
lily: oh
lily: it’s a
lily: i have no idea
lily: it’s funky
heoni: yeah
lily: and no that’s mblaq
heoni: looks like a loading bay or something
heoni: idk
emma: look lily you give me L joe and take the blonde
lily: what
heoni: which blonde
lily: no l.joe is mine get the fuck out
heoni: the leader?
emma: either
emma: heehe
heoni: no niel is mine
heoni: bitch
emma: the one that is not niel
lily: emma you get the other four
lily: now get out
heoni: no one cares about the other blonde
emma: but look at him
emma: its like
lily: i think l.joe’s blonde now
emma: staring at bubble gum
heoni: yep
emma: I’ll just take the creeper watching them
lily: therefore he is instantly mine
heoni: i thought i’d like l.joe because of his hair
heoni: but nah
lily: blonde koreansss
heoni: blonde koreaaaaans
lily: i loved l.joe before the hair
lily: then he went pink and i was just
lily: y e s
emma: I love l joe before he was born
heoni: watch one more time?
lily: shut up
lily: … yes
heoni: lmfao
lily: 3
lily: 2
lily: 1
lily: play
heoni: poop
heoni: love
lily: no stop it ;_;
emma: he decorates so nicely
emma: for a creeper
heoni: he really does
lily: they are too young to excrete
emma: also
heoni: lmfaoooo
heoni: i got that soup love
heoni: that soup love
emma: this bit reminds me of eiffel 65
heoni: nooo
lily: LMAO
that dude: poop love?
heoni: oh yeah you’re right
lily: oh god
heoni: hi im chunji
lily: what is with that random rolling on the ground bit with chunji anyway
emma: Chunji heehe
emma: more like
heoni: i like to play bball
lily: seriously it’s like
lily: he fell over
emma: dumbji
heoni: and then do a flip on the pavement
lily: and they decided to play it in slow motion
heoni: yeah seriously is that like
heoni: his party move?
lily: WATCH ME
heoni: YEAH I DUNKED /rolls on the ground
lily: that would be quite a skill actually
emma: Bellylols
heoni: lmfaooo
lily: WOW
heoni: that belly laugh makes me think of austin powers
emma: who is the blue highlighted one :T
heoni: and that one fat dude who was like
lily: oh yeah neil ride that bike
emma: fat bastard
lily: and that’s cap
emma: heehe
heoni: yeah
heoni: lmfao
emma: …fine I like cap
emma: HAPPY
lily: yes
heoni: LMFAO
lily: much better
emma: more like
emma: Cappy
lily: i think he’s the oldest too
emma: hohoho
heoni: so we have niel, l.joe, and cap
emma: the rest can go to charity
lily: and then there’s chunji
heoni: fat basterd dance
lily: changjo
lily: and ricky??
emma: …Ricky?
heoni: yeah ricky
emma: /sob
lily: but idk which they are don’t ask me to identify them
emma: its a better name than cap
lily: true
heoni: the one with blonde on top is chunji
lily: ricky is the ‘lovely boy’
heoni: blue is cap.
emma: yeah you dance Minho2
heoni: leader is niel
lily: ricky is the one with the bad hair
lily: it’s like a wonky bowlcut
emma: I think Chanji is cheesy
lily: oops the bowl slipped
lily: sorry bro
lily: deal with it
heoni: oops
emma: I warned you about Bowls
heoni: you’ll look hot anyway
lily: stares at l.joe’s ass
heoni: it keeps happening
lily: yes it does
lily: i keep staring at l.joe’s ass
heoni: ok
heoni: closing thoughts other than l.joe’s ass
emma: first Taemins crotch
heoni: and taemin
emma: then l.joes ass
emma: you have a problem
lily: shut up i cannot help it
heoni: it’s just so easy to stare at emma
lily: they are too beautiful
emma: they have faces
emma: omg
lily: do they
heoni: oh
heoni: i didn’t know that
heoni: what’s a face
emma: no the sound comes out their butt
emma: true story
lily: oh jesus
heoni: all i know is ass, tits, and crotch
lily: that made me laugh way more than it should have
heoni: lmfao
lily: oh my babies ;_;
lily: we need to score it
heoni: okok
heoni: yes we do
heoni: closing thoughts first
lily: i say we give a point for each good part
heoni: taemin
emma: Taemins bulge
lily: taemin and l.joe’s ass are the closing thoughts
lily: also
lily: yes
heoni: ok thats an extra 10 points
lily: yes
heoni: so 50?
heoni: idk
emma: +10 points for decorating
heoni: ok 20
lily: another ten for l.joe being a sexy beast
heoni: ten for all the members being hot except ricky?
lily: ten for the coffee machine
emma: -5 for caps name
heoni: LMFAO
lily: yes
heoni: so 35
lily: -5 for chunji’s flailing on the tarmac
heoni: 30
lily: then 10 for the belly laugh
heoni: 40
heoni: dance?
lily: give them another ten for that
heoni: 50
heoni: ok so 50
lily: i think that is a good solid score
heoni: teentop gets 50 for supa luv
emma: +5 for l.joes hair
heoni: no shut up
heoni: 50
lily: i already gave l.joe ten
lily: get out
lily: 50 out of 10 for teen top

overall score: 50 out of 10


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