starting out with kpop!

I am pretty new to liking kpop compared to Heoni and Lily, so i’m going to recommend some songs for beginners who are trying to find out what kind of  kpop they’d like, or just some fun, catchy songs for people to start out with!

I want to cover all the bases that I can and show you that kpop can be well choreographed and catchy, and how well these people can sing!



Lucifer – SHINee

Lucifer is just a song that covers all bases. Its catchy and not overbearing, I find it to be a song I can listen to over and over again! If you watch the video, the dancing goes well with it, and the guys look pretty nice I am so sorry key. I just find myself bopping along with it and its one song i’ll always come back to. SHINee were the first Kpop band i’ve taken the opportunity to sit down and listen to properly and Lucifer was the first song I tried, its not my own personal favorite song by them That spots held by hello but its a really good place to begin!

Rokkugo! – Super Junior

Rokkugo! is a song I don’t think will be for everyone but I think its cute,and super fun. I wasn’t too keen on it the first time I heard it but second time I did I saved it straight away. I always find myself trying to sing along badly. The difference in voices through it really works, (I know i’ve said this before) the way Shindong’s voice is so much much deeper in that starting bit, I just find it really different to other kpop songs I’ve heard. If you like peppy, upbeat, quirky songs, this is for you!

Gee – Girls Generation

Gee is just a sweet kind of song! I kind of just love everything about this video but then again I feel the same way about Rokkugo! These songs just seem to me to be a great place to start out because I started out there. I love how well the girls can speak English, and how well they enunciate! Its catchy, and well, pretty soon you find yourself singing along. Gee gee gee baby baby baby~ In this video Minho from Shinee appears as the shop keeper which is a nice incentive to watch!

Anyway I really hope you like my song choices, these are the songs that got me into Kpop. I really think they’re a good place to start!


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