neon bunny, “seoulight”

one thing a lot of my friends don’t know about me is that i like to download the most obscure k-pop groups (does anyone even know who 2nise is?) and listen to them like they’re totally hip right now. neon bunny (야광토끼) — from what i’ve come to understand — is a new k-pop artist on the scene. she doesn’t have a pv for any of her songs yet and “seoulight” is her first full album release.
i’ve been sitting here listening to it and i think it’s worth talking about.
so a little bit of information about her. her real name is im yu jin and she has worked previously with the black skirts (검정치마). this is her first solo album which was released 22 march 2011.
the first thing i noticed was that her genre was considered “electronic,” “electronic pop,” and “k-indie.” my immediate thought was that i was either going to listen to something like imogen heap or even freezepop.
from the beginning, i could tell that her style was electronic. but as i listened on, i found myself falling more and more in love with her relaxing voice and quiet rhythms. this isn’t the kind of album that you’ll want to get up and jump around with your girlfriends as you imagine taemin dancing in his tight pants, exposing his buff abdomen. nope, this album will make you want to lie outside on a hammock and read a good book about young romance… preferably one without vampires and werewolves.

long-d: this song is very upbeat, compared to a majority of the songs on this album. at first i wanted to say this was my favorite song but of course it’s only the first song and i needed to listen to the rest of the album. this song brought a smile to my face even though it’s absolutely miserable outside right now. for those who are learning korean through music, this song wouldn’t be entirely too hard to learn in my opinion. the song is upbeat but still slightly slow, and there are things she repeats in the chorus which will make it easier.

조금씩 다가와줘: this song made me worry a tad bit about her singing ability. there are some high notes that she seems to struggle with a bit but as the song continued on, i really liked it. this song is a bit faster than the first song but it’s still a relaxing listen. it would be a good song to listen to while you’re doing a bit of housework or even walking to class. still not that kind of upbeat that you booty dance in the mirror to. if you have a boyfriend/fiance/husband that likes to dance with you, this would be a good one to practice with. (if you have a significant other like that, mind sharing? haha!)

북극곰: i found myself beginning to sway quietly to this song. her voice has remained the same through all three of these songs and — like i said earlier — though it’s miserable looking outside, i feel like there should be a sun shining somewhere. hold on while i go take some yellow construction paper and cut me out a sun to put on my window. maybe that will be better… ok, there we go.

can’t stop thinking about you: i hadn’t noticed it until this song but the use of piano in all of her songs is actually very amazing. the electronic sounds over the piano, combined with her soft voice, really makes for a great song. she also actually does say “can’t stop thinking about you” in the song and she’s actually able to pronounce it correctly. sometimes it gets annoying when a wonderful song gets ruined because they can’t pronounce an english word properly. there are some people who don’t care but… i care quite a lot. if you don’t want to end up like me, don’t become an english major. if it’s too late for you, join the club.

니가 내게 주는 것들: by this point i was starting to realize that all of her songs almost sound the same. i don’t think it’s much of a problem because when i’m in the mood for something, i’ll listen to songs that sound the exact same. i brought this up just in case there are people who hate albums filled with songs that sound the exact same. for example, taylor swift. if you’re able to look past it, you might notice that while they do sound the same there are different qualities to each.

나와 둘이: this song was actually a very interesting listen. it’s much slower than the songs before it and — what is it with me and this real life examples — would be a nice song to slow dance to. from what i could tell, there wasn’t any use of piano in this song but there are violins instead, which really adds to it nicely.

falling: this is probably my favorite song on the album. this song has more of a rock sound to it rather than electronic and is definitely a nice change of pace after you’ve been listening to the album. the acoustics of the song still blend well with her voice which actually surprised me; i thought they’d overpower her. i was tapping my foot along to the song half-way through.

comm ave.: this song was, yet again, another surprise. her voice was changed with autotune — the electronic sound gave it away — and the song is much faster than the previous ones. by this point i noticed that all of her songs are actually very short; i was really wishing they were longer than what they were. guess i’m going be putting this album on repeat until i feel satisfied.

lalala: this is the last song on the album. at first, i was wondering if the entire song was just going to be a bunch of “lalala”s so i kept waiting… and then realized that it basically is. it’s just her singing “lalala” over and over again. besides that, however, the song is very pretty. a very nice end to the album. now to just set my itunes to repeat album and i’ll be good to go.

if you are wondering what i did for this review, i sat here and listened to each song and wrote down what came to mind first. my mind is very scattered and writing in an intelligent manner is just too difficult.
if you decide to get the album, please remember to support our artists and actually purchase the album. this one is definitely worth getting.

here a mature rating: 8 stars
the album was very relaxing, very easy to listen to, and i honestly enjoyed it completely (which is unusual for me). i would definitely recommend this album to others and i will definitely be listening to it when i’m done writing this review. what i didn’t like was the fact that a lot of her songs sounded the same; perhaps if she had mixed the album up a bit more it would’ve been easier to get through. other than that, great first start to neon bunny.
here’s to hoping for more great songs from her!


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