youtube mashups

whilst sitting around with nothing to do this morning, i came across an interesting link posted on twitter by dongho from u-kiss. since i had nothing better to do, i clicked it.
oh wow.
goodbye sunday, i know how i’m going to be spending you now :’D

the link posted was a link to a video made by ‘dj masa’ on youtube – a dj who creates mashups of various kpop songs and makes some freaking amazing results.

after watching the linked video and being amazed at how well it all fit (seriously?? how does he do it!?), i decided to look him up and check out what else he’d done and i was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised by the results. so i’m gonna post some of my favourites!

this is the best thing ever oh my god

SHINee and Lady Gaga – this is absolutely beautiful

TVXQ and Secret – this guy has even managed to make tvxq’s ‘keep your head down’ into a…. positive sounding song? W O W

and finally, i am sharing the beautifully titled sorry smells like easy ding dong……….
oh lord i’m not sure if i like this or not, but the ‘rocka rocka rocka reokke man man ha ni’ FITS SO WELL oh my god it blends like it was meant to be…….. i really want to hear a mashup of just u-kiss and shinee now (well, one that doesn’t sound like shit)

basically, this guy is a genius and you should check out his website and youtube page!

my day has been taken up by finding mashups on youtube and being amazed (or horrified) at the results. there are many people who seem to think that making a mashup means you just plonk the vocals to one song over the instrumental of another, and while that can work sometimes, if they’re already the same pitch and speed….. yeah. no. just no.

what even is this?????

there are so many mistakes around (oh jeez so much noise my ears they are bleeding) but there are some brilliant mixes too – i would happily say that today has been a day well wasted. :’D

i tried to make my own mashup, using big bang’s ‘tonight’ and u-kiss’ ‘bingeul bingeul’ – not sure what i think of it but at least it isn’t just noise :’D
Bingeul Tonight

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