most wanted korean boyfriends

wordpress blog kokoseyo (beware the autoplaying music) decided to compile a list of her top 20 most wanted korean idol boyfriends. i agreed with everything except for taemin. he needs to be higher up on this list. i guess i can be excited about the fact that the entire shinee group was on this list and onew is number 2~
ok no i was really excited. duh.

read the entire entry at kokoseyo!


4 thoughts on “most wanted korean boyfriends

  1. hey thanks for the pingback! glad you liked my list haha and sorry if the autoplay kinda gives you a little shock when you first get on the page. :(

    but… thanks again for sharing my post :)

    • haha! no it’s alright! i was listening to shinee when all of a sudden more shinee came on. it was a shinee fest on my computer which i’m quite ok with. :’D

      you’re welcome! :)

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