after school plans comeback

OH MY GOD???? was the first thing i thought when i read this article from wordpress blog popseoul. yes, i think in caps and somehow am incapable of typing properly on the internet. what of it?
after that, i immediately thought, “wait when did they leave?” it honestly feels like kahi park just did her own solo album and orange caramel just released their first mini-album. so what on earth classifies as a ‘comeback?’ hey bros, we left for two months so we need to do a comeback. uh, ok. when you’re gone for as long as the backstreet boys have been and then decide to hit the road with someone who has been gone longer than you — new kids on the block — then we can talk about a comeback. calm down, ladies.
so after school and sub-group orange caramel are planning a comeback of sorts. at the end of the day, i’m actually really excited about this. i will only be more excited if kahi park is still with them.
orange caramel has announced that they’ll be releasing their 1st digital single on 31 march while after school’s 1st, full album will be released 22 april.


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