super junior, “rokkugo”

Hiiii! I’m Emmar, and I am here to review Rokkugo! because I love sort of derp, upbeat happy songs!

Rokkugo was linked to me one night on msn and once I heard it I found myself bopping along to it! It was just so fun and cute, and peppy sounding that I loved it, even their outfits make me smile! I love songs with a great beat to me orz and I downloaded it right away and just, yes. I thought all SJ songs were going to be like Sorry Sorry, but after listening to Rokkugo i’ve found myself giving them more of a chance!

costuming: 2 point
I’m sorry but the outfits being sort of gaudy is a plus for this video! Its a gameshow theme so more sequins! MORE! It just really works on stage with them. Their outdoor clothes suit them all as well, its like the worked hard to pick out exactly what would work and it shows here. I’m unimpressed with the greyish coats. They’re slightly redeemed with the cute little yellow microphones! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

effects: 1 point
Although the effects are cute, they are not the best. Little aegyo people are so cute, but if they had been drawn better, or even I don’t know, added in better, if might have made the video that bit better. Although I have the say the car made of wood is the best!

continuity: 1 point
The continuity flows perfectly. Seriously! Ok, its a little jumpy but it suits the flow of the video. So i’ll deduct a point just for that, because the did have a lot of different scenes thrown in there.

choreography: 2 points
I like it, its so jumpy and fun, and it just works for this video. Well when they do dance. Sungmins moves stood out a lot to me, he did a pretty decent ‘limbospin’ thing that I thought looked rather cool.

relativity: 2 points
Everything comes together in this to make the song that much more fun. I loved the way it started and wham you get Shindong’s voice being all deep and awesome! I like the way it just comes off super sweet and cute. The costumes and the choreography just cement it all.

The Sequin jackets if i’m honest make it for me, along with the OTT way they guys all act, they preen at the camera and to me, it is perfect.

overall score: 8 Mini Minho’s out of 10!


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