formatting and scoring

so here at saranghae chikin pink! we have a certain… format that we will post video reviews along with a particular scoring system. this has been discussed thoroughly and will change frequently be used during the existence of this blog thing.

ok so here is the format:
make sure your title reflects the artist and the name of the song. hangul or english is fine whichever… you prefer i guess idk.
video goes first, at the very top center. like this:

after that you should put your first impressions of the music video. understand that we’re only covering the music video… not the song itself. all k-pop songs are amazing and do not require a review, just massive fangirl screaming. whatever you want to put is fine. see that i am typing in all lowercase? yeah. we’re bamfs. you don’t need a certain format.
screen caps are cool. yep.
when you’re done, score the music video. here are the categories:

costuming: this will go for all parts of the costume; jewelry, attire, hair, make up.
effects: are there too many? does it make sense with the music video? what the heck is going on here?
continuity: is the music video a constant stream or do you feel like it jerks you around different places?
choreography: is the choreography good? bad? do they look like they practiced more than 10 minutes?
relativity: does the music video enhance the song or are you left wondering what on earth was going on there.
each category counts for 2 points each. 5 categories x 2 points = 10 points total.

there are some special rules to this. of course.

any music videos with shinee get 2 extra points for every member present. this means that if it is a shinee music video, they automatically get 10 more points.
any so nyeo shi dae music videos get 1 point off from costuming due to hyeongeon’s hair.
heoni reserves the right to purposefully misspell her name.
any after school music videos get 5 extra points for kahi park being present. any kahi park music videos get 5 extra points because… well… it’s kahi park. duh.
any j-pop music videos — from a k-pop band or not — is an automatic 0. this is a k-pop blog, derp.

there shouldn’t be any questions but if there are then please take your head and place your forehead on your desk at a quick rate and then repeat the step over and over again until you are finally unconscious. your answer will soon come to you.

this post gets:

10 sunnys because i am amazing.

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